It is Done!

I hated delaying the release of Jaguar Rising, but life had thrown enough curve balls, I knew it was necessary to put out the best book I could. Considering how the book changed over the weeks and months spent developing, it’s a good thing I made the decision. Not only did it go from a short story to a novella but to a novel clocking in around 95k words. But, damn, am I proud of the book and where it is taking the new story arc.

But now it is done. Editorial notes have been input and the manuscript converted for upload. As of an hour ago, the final e-book version was uploaded to Amazon and is going through the review process. Of course, I thought that was the case last night and then I found something I’d managed to miss in my last check. You see, when I’m working, I’ll put notes to myself inside brackets so they are easy to find with the search function. I always to one last search for them before converting a manuscript. I did so yesterday. . . and missed one. No biggie. I caught it in time to upload a new file before my cut-off time for the pre-release.

I’m anxiously waiting to see how everyone likes this book. It’s taking Mac into a new chapter of her life and it has more than a few twists and turns. Trouble from the past returns, bringing with it new concerns for her to deal with. This is, in short, the starting point to a new story line that will last two or three more books. Where the characters go from there waits to be seen.

I have also uploaded the files for the print version of the book. I haven’t pulled the trigger on them yet because I don’t want the print book coming out before the e-book is released. I’ll probably do so Sunday afternoon. That will have the print version coming out within a day or so of the e-book. . . assuming Amazon doesn’t find any problems with the file.

So, what’s up next?

I’m going to take a couple of days off from writing. I need to make the mental transition from Mac Santos to the next project. Technically, it should be the next Eerie Side of the Tracks project. It’s been pestering me for attention for weeks now. But. . .

And this is a very bit but. . .

I’m stalled on it. I think I know why. There’s a scene in the book that’s going to come close to ripping the very foundations of Mossy Creek and its inhabitants to pieces, figuratively and possibly literally. The fallout from that isn’t going to be easy to write. I think I’m trying to shy away from it. So, I’ll do some projects around the house that will get me outside and building or digging or both. That will give my brain time to decompress and maybe work past that particular block.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll shift gears and move on to the next Honor & Duty title. I have that one pretty much mapped out in my mind. All that’s really necessary to write it is shifting into the mindset of Ashlyn Shaw and out of Mac’s.


We’ll see what happens.

Of course, I also plan to spend some time playing Outriders that releases today. That may help. It’s amazing what shooting and blowing things up in video games does to relieve my tension. If it does break the log jam in my brain, I have a feeling it will be for Honor & Duty. But we will see.

Until later.

And yes, Jaguar Rising will release the Tuesday. (now I’m going to hide under the sink until the reviews start coming in)

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