Is it safe to come out yet?

Sorry for the silence on the blog this past week or so but life has been busy and interesting and kicking me all at the same time. I won’t go into details. I wrote about some of it yesterday over at MGC. Needless to say, my head hasn’t been in a good writing space the last few days. But my head is wrapped around everything, for the moment at least, and it is back to work.

That started this morning with my weekly POTD over at Victory Girls. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, deep inside some dark cave, you know what the last week or so has been like when it comes to the Brett Kavanaugh nomination. As a woman who has been sexually assaulted, I am the first to advocate for taking all allegations seriously. However, when you look at the totality of the circumstances surrounding the revelation of the accusation against Judge Kavanaugh, you have to wonder about the timing of it all as well as the veracity of the accusations. The judge is willing to face the Judiciary Committee yet again to answer questions about what happened and do what he needs to clear his name. He is willing to do so in public. He hasn’t complained, to my knowledge, about the harassment his family has suffered from politicians, the media and those who instantly judged him guilty simply because he is male and conservative.

Yet the accuser doesn’t appear willing to do the same. First, through her attorney, she says she is willing to testify. Then she says, “maybe, maybe not”. Now she says she will but only after the FBI investigates, despite the fact the FBI isn’t the agency that should be investigating this alleged incident, an incident that is decades old.

From what the media has told us, she came forward because the thought of Kavanaugh becoming a Supreme Court justice appalled her. So where was she when he was vetted and went through background checks for all the other judicial offices he held? Shouldn’t she have been worried about those as well?

No, I’m not victim shaming here. I am questioning her motives–not to mention the motives of Diane Feinstein for sitting on the allegations as long as she did or the media for convicting Kavanaugh without anything more than innuendo.

I have more to say on the VG post. Check it out.

Now, on to the publishing front.

The edits for the expanded and updated version of Hunted are back. They’ve been input and the manuscript formatted for print and e-book versions. I still have to finish up the print cover–and am waiting on my cover designer to get the cover flat back to me. My plan is to have the e-book up for sale by Friday with the print book shortly thereafter.

Here’s a preview of the new covers for the next two books (with the caveat that nothing is set in stone yet). Hunted‘s new cover is the featured image for this post..

 You’ll notice the first change, besides a new cover for each of the books. The series has a new name–Stalker’s Moon. The next two books have been retitled as well. Hunter’s Duty is now Tracked and Hunter’s Home is now Prey. The new titles are better representations of the books, in my opinion.

Now, as for Hunted. This new edition, which will act as a relaunch for the series, has approximately 10,000 words more than the original version. That includes new content and changed content. At least one chapter was deleted and new material put in its place. I feel, and my editor agrees, the changes make for a stronger book. I’m hoping you agree.

Stay tuned for the official announcement that the book has gone live on Amazon. As with all my titles, it will be sold without DRM. If you purchase the print edition, you will receive the e-book for free for a limited period.

Now to find more coffee and get back to work on Tracked. Tentative publication date for that is Oct. 10th. Fingers crossed. With the way life is hitting me, it will probably be a week after that. Rattling Chains will follow next, with a release date of Oct. 30th. Prey should come out either Nov. 12th or the 19th.

Until later!


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