Inspiration continued

Just a quick post this morning because I have a lot of pans in the proverbial fire, including several AM appointments. Anyway, one of the nice things about AI apps like Midjourney is that you can design inspiration images for your storyboard. I’ve been doing that for the project that ambushed me the other day. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes and it helps me visualize–and describe–the characters on the page.

This project is different in some ways than most of my other work. No, not genre. I’ve done science fiction and love writing it. But I usually stick with basic humanoid characters. They might come from different planets or societies, but they have been “human”. This project is going to require more varied species. That means I have to “see” them in order to describe them.

Here are a few of the preliminary inspiration images that I pulled together the last few days. Now to figure out how to refine the descriptions on paper and build their backstories while I continue finishing Surtr’s Fury.

Each of these represent different species (duh) and professions. One is a bounty hunter (at least right now), one a tech specialist, one a mystic or some sort (still not sure on this), and one a soldier.

Yes, I’m spending too much time on this story right now, but it is the only way to keep it quiet enough that I can actually spend most of my work day finishing up Surtr’s Fury. That means I need to get back to it.

Until later!


  1. Actually the saying is “IRONS in the fire”. Comes from trying to heat too many branding irons in a single fire. However, “pans ON the fire” would convey the same idea.

    1. Oh, I know. But at 0600 when I was writing the post, it really was pans in the fire. That’s what happens when the brain isn’t firing on all cylinders and there are too many ideas trying to find their way out. VBG

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