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I considered erasing this post and writing something different. The reason is simple. I try to keep most politics off this page. Not because I’m afraid of folks learning where I stand. They can do that easily enough by looking at the archives on this blog, going over to Mad Genius Club or, if they really want to see my thoughts on current events, Victory Girls Blog. No, I’m trying to keep politics away right now solely because of Covid-19. However, today is going to be the exception. I have to speak up about two things I’ve been watching in the news the last few days.

The first, and probably the most telling about the attitude of too many in government on both sides of the political aisle, revolves around Nancy Pelosi. The last few days have been filled with stories about the Speaker getting her hair done at a salon in San Francisco.

Now that, once upon a time, wouldn’t have been a big deal. But in today’s climate, especially in hot bed Covid areas like San Fran, it is news. Hair salons there have been shut down or on very limited access for some time now. The city also has a mandatory mask rule. Both something dear old Nancy seems to have either forgotten or chose to ignore.

If I remember correctly, the first of the month began a time when salons could start doing outdoor appointments. (I’ll admit, I’m probably wrong here.) But blow dries were not allowed. If you enter a business, you are to wear a mask until you are back to the privacy of your car. Pretty standard stuff and something we have to follow here in the DFW area.

Now, apparently Nancy decided she needed to get her hair done. So a staff member called the salon and said the Speaker would be there at a certain time and be ready. She showed. She went inside. She got her hair washed and dried and styled and who knows what else. How do we know? There’s security camera footage from inside the salon showing her there.

And that’s where things get very problemantic for the Speaker. You see, she is caught on video walking through the salon without her mask. Oh, and at a time when salons weren’t allowed to open for clients. But Nancy’s special. When the salon owner called her out for it, did Nancy apologize for taking advantage of her status as a senior pol to get a service the rest of her consitutients couldn’t? Hell no. Did she apologize for not following the rules and wear her mask? Nope.

In fact, she took to the media and tried to paint herself as a victim. She was set up! She doesn’t wear a mask when she washes her hair. She didn’t know! It was a mistake!

It was a mistake. One she made.

She knew what the rules about salons were but she made the decision to ignore them. (That’s bad enough. But if she honestly didn’t know about them, she has more problems than we know and she should not be sitting in DC, much less doing so as the Speaker of the House).

As for the idiocy about not wearing a mask when she washes her hair, I have one thing to say. Bullshit. Every woman I know who now lives somewhere that allows her to go to a salon and have her hair done and where there is a mask requirement keeps her mask on during the process. If the mask gets wet, the stylist will offer a new one.

No, this was a case of Nancy believing her own delusions of grandeur and thinking she was above the rules that apply to the rest of us. Sure, some of her followers have doubled-down in her defense but think about this. Don Lemmon, that voice of liberal idiocy, has called her out for what she did.

Don Lemon!

As for the second story that caught my eye, it comes from the presidential race. Biden and company are complaining that the main reason our kids aren’t back in school is because Trump didn’t have a plan to get them there. This argument is concerning on a couple of reasons. The first is that is assumes the feds have power over what is essentially a local issue.

Our schools have been and should remain under local authority. Now, I’m the first one to admit I am watching with growing concern the miasma of WTFery that is surrounding the start of school. But the last thing I want is yet more federal interference in local education systems.

Biden and his handlers want us to believe this complaint is solely based on the needs of our kids and the best way to protect them. The reality is far different. It shows their belief that government, especially federal government, should be even larger than it is and should have a larger hand in running our everyday lives.

Sorry, no.

I am not and never have been a huge Trump fan. But Biden and the state of the Democratic Party scare the shit out of me. Want to know why? Look at the last six months or so in this country. Look at where most of the violence has been occuring. Look at where our civil rights and even our right to leave our homes have been the most impacted by so-called public health concerns. The majority of those locations are run by Dems.

They treat us as children without the common sense to take precautions to protect our own health and the health of our loved ones. They do their best to keep us scared enough that we don’t question their mandates. What they don’t understand is we are, on the whole, rational and thinking beings. Some of us will act foolishly. But most of us will do what is necessary to continue life as we know it.

And that is what they don’t want. They are willing to wreck our economy. They have now qualms locking our elderly away in facilities where loved ones can’t see them for months, where they die alone and not underestanding why their families don’t come see them. But, according to Big Brother, it’s for their best interest.

I repeat what I said above. Bullshit.

/end rant

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  1. Hair salons: luckily around here you only need the mask to enter, once in the booth (for some reason most of the salons seem to have individual booths/cubicles) the stylist will let you take it off.

    Education: my daughter started 4th grade today. She is very upset with having to wear the mask all day. Luckily her teachers said they’d allow mask breaks in class. The really stupid thing about the masking mandate is that they are requiring them during outside recess and during phys. ed (which we were told will be held outside as much as possible), which is a pet peeve of mine. In fact, the “smart restart” plan for school opening we have here links back (eventually) to both the CDC and the WHO websites which state, “People should NOT wear masks when exercising, as masks may reduce the ability to breathe comfortably. Sweat can make the mask become wet more quickly which makes it difficult to breathe and promotes the growth of microorganisms. The important preventive measure during exercise is to maintain physical distance of at least one meter from others.” I spoke to her principal and also sent an email to the district office, with quotes and links. I haven’t heard anything from the district office yet, but got a perfunctory email from her saying he would bring it up with the gym teacher.

    1. Here you have to wear the masks at salons. But schools, those that are actually holding in person classes, are following much the same as yours are.

  2. Pelosi was just doing what is normal for members of the so-called “Democratic” party in California. Diane Feinstein has continually pushed for strict gun control but was caught with an illegal pistol; her excuse: the law doesn’t apply to her (apparently because she is a Democratic U.S. Senator)! IOW she said “I’m above the law!” Next up, Barbara Boxer. She was caught kiting checks but that didn’t prevent her from becoming a Democratic U.S. Senator. While these three are from the California People’s Republic, I wouldn’t be surprised to find similar actions by other members of their party. Hey, they even had an accessory to murder run for president in 2016 but she lost to a buffoon.

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