I Feel Like I’ve Gone Back To School

Part of what I do as an indie author is worry about covers. I’ve been lucky. Sarah did a number of my covers and did a good job with them. Then I was able to find art or at least elements that worked and I could make my own covers. But Myrtle being the Evil Muse she is ambushed me with this new novel/series. Not only did I not plan on writing this particular book but the cover has had me stumped for weeks. . .and that is not usually the case. I finally gave up and decided to try to make my own cover, using multiple elements, some of which were more intricate than I’m comfortable using GIMP on. So I decided this was a good time to finally sit my butt down and start learning how to use Affinity Photo. I have only two things to say: thank goodness for Youtube and OMG I hate learning new software.

It’s been an interesting journey these last few days. The Youtube videos for the program are, if you search for the right terms, pretty good. But after years of using GIMP and Photoshop before it, learning a new photo manipulation program is, er, “interesting”. I’m still having to head back over to GIMP for some of the text refinements, but that’s because I haven’t taken time to watch all the videos yet. I will say, the program is easier to use in a lot of ways than either GIMP or Photoshop. So I’ll keep at it, at least for the moment.

Here’s what I’ve been working on. These are various iterations of covers (including titles) for the new book. As much as I hate learning new software, I hate figuring out titles as well.

This particular image and cover design was done completely on GIMP. The image required nothing more than some resizing. While I really like the image, it doesn’t really fit the genre/sub-genre or the tone of the book. And that is what set me off on the search for a new cover image or elements and on the path to learning Affinity Photo.

Here’s the first attempt with Affinity.

My biggest issue with this is the way the figure doesn’t seem to blend in with the background. There are other issues as well, but they are minor compared to that. So, off I went to see if I could find a way to either make her blend in better or find another figure. The following iterations aren’t in any necessary order. They were all done within a few hours of one another.

Some were made completely on Affinity Photo and others had some textual elements done on GIMP. I’m still not sure about the title–as you can tell from the four images with different titles and series titles. I do prefer how the second figure blends into the background better. So I will probably stay with it. Everything else is subject to change as I work to master Affinity more.

So, what do you guys think? Which is best (understanding I won’t be using the very first image because it doesn’t fit the feel or tone of the book)?


  1. Of the ones you have here. I think I like the very last one the best. It is the most legible… The first of the fire dragon ones is legible, but for some reason I like the effect of having the author’s name in a different color than the title.

  2. For some reason, I keep thinking the series title should be “The Torn Veil” … now, is an active verb better than an adjectival noun phrase? Got me…

    1. Grammatically correct doesn’t always work. Your suggestion means the “veil” is already torn and per the story arc for the series, it is “tearing”.

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