Hump Day!

This has been a week I’m ready to get done with. My work laptop decided to crap out on me. That’s bad enough. Worse, it did so within a month of my washing machine dying. Two hits like that to the budget have hurt big-time. Worse, it’s thrown me off-schedule with a number of things. Blogging is just one of them. The replacement laptop, another MacBook Air, gets here sometime today. Fingers crossed everything works the way it is supposed to. Then I can load up the programs I use that are Mac-only and get back to work.

On the writing and publishing front, I’ve taken the first–well, second and third–step on the relaunch. I’ve finished the first read-through and edit of the first book in the series. I’ll do one more, mainly because there is one chapter to be added, and then it will go off to the beta readers in a day or two. It looks like the first book will have approximately 7,500-10,000 more words than the original book did. Most of that comes from a couple of new chapters that have been added. Another chapter has been heavily re-written. We’ll see if the beta readers agree with me that this makes the book much stronger than the original.

I’ve also been working on Rattle Them Chains. It should be going live in three weeks or so. Fingers crossed.

What else? I have a post up at Victory Girls Blog this morning.  It dawned on me last night that what we’re seeing with the Democrats this mid-term primary season is reminiscent of the early days of the Tea Party. In this instance, the DNC helped set the stage by letting Bernie Sanders run as a Democrat in the last presidential election. That gave the self-proclaimed independent and darling of the Democratic-Socialist movement an air of legitimacy and opened the door for other members of the party to use the Democratic Party as a platform to advance their agenda.

I know. I know. The Dems have been going down that slippery slope toward socialism for decades. But this is much, even for them. I guess we should be grateful they, along with MSM, have looked to Ocasio-Cortez as the “face” of the movement and not one of the more well-spoken candidates backed by the DSA.

What else?

I’m looking at what book to do next for According to Hoyt. I’ve been given a copy of Omarosa’s book. Then there’s the new book condemning Vice President Pence. I could also choose Comey’s book or any number of others that would make for fun fisking but might kill my liver and brain.

In the meantime, if you are looking for something to read, check out my friend Melissa M. Green’s new release, Fate’s Game.

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  1. July was like that for us. New washing machine, followed a week later by a new water heater. Also had a couple thousand dollars of work done on our primary vehicles. So much for the Christmas fund (slowly working back up) and the New Car fund (we’ll start saving again next year).

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