Grocery Story Saga

Heaven help me. I just returned from the grocery. I’d been in a good mood before. I had my first good night’s sleep in weeks. I was able to have a leisurely mug–or three–of coffee. I delivered a job that was overdue (completely my fault). And, poof! In the span of an hour, one simple trip to the local grocery store ruined the mood and has me wanting to pull a “9 to 5” with the store managers.

I get that there are still supply chain issues. I plan for those. But then there is such a thing a price gouging and simply not stocking the shelves. Or, worse, putting stock on the shelves that is so close to going out of date–or already has–that the managers should be ashamed and corporate should be taking a hard look at the store.

Here are a few examples of why I’m so frustrated. My first stop was the Deli section. I wanted to get some sandwich meat. Since the Bakery is right there, the next stop was to pick up a cake or a pie. Hmmm, guess how much of that I got home with. If you guessed none, you’d be right. Other than some really odd flavored poultry, the only sandwich meat from our preferred brand that they had was uncured. Nope. I’ve been down that route. Unless I bought only enough for today, it would be out of date before I got to it.

As for the pie. . . I’m not paying more than $10 for a pie that is half the size of what they used to sell for $7.99. I’m especially not paying it when the best by date is today.

I should have walked out then because fruits and veg didn’t get any better. The first three bell peppers I picked up were so soft, I worried my fingers would go through them. I finally found one that I can use in the etouffee either tonight or tomorrow. Most of the celery reminded me of what happens when you leave it in the crisper much too long.

Yep, should have walked out.

Cereal boxes that expired in three months–for name brands. Mayo that expires in five months. No one about in the store like there used to be to ask questions of.

Then we get to the freezer section. You know there’s a problem when there is water running down the inside of the glass freezer doors. It took digging all the way into the back of the section to find a carton of ice cream that might–MIGHT–stay frozen long enough to toss it into the cooler in the backseat of the car so I could get it home.

Mom wanted me to pick her up an Amy’s enchilada meal. That’s her go-to on nights when I don’t feel like cooking. That they had, much to my surprise. But her second favorite are some of Marie Callender’s meals. If the store had half a dozen, total, meals from the brand, I’d be surprised. But damn, they sure had plenty of the house brand.

The very same salad I bought elsewhere three days ago was $2 more at this particular store.

Yes, my anger, frustration and blood pressure had gone up. Whee–not. And I still had to check out.

I won’t go into all the issues with not getting discounts I should have. But then the checker, who did sack (if you can call it that) my groceries, refused to put them in the basket. I had to do that and, no, she had no physical reason not to. So, bad shoulder and all, I lifted the groceries into the basket and started out.

Looking for a manager on my way. But, to no one’s surprise, there wasn’t one to be found. If I had any doubts before then about ever returning to that store, that ended them. Today was the last day I will ever shop there. Part of me hates it. For years, this has been our go-to store. Even during the worst of the pandemic, I went there. No more. I don’t know if there’s been a management change or what, but the store no longer works. It isn’t worth the frustration, not to mention the fact I still have to go to another store to get what I couldn’t find there.

And I HATE shopping on a good day. So you can imagine how I feel right now.

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  1. Hope you have a good alibi when something “interesting” happens to that store. 👿

  2. *sympathy*

    It sounds like their cooler is having issues– which you could get ahead of by putting a little sign on the door that says “We are experiencing cooling system issues; due to safety measures, our selection is not what we could wish. We are deeply sorry.”

    Or similar polite phrasing with just setting expectations.

    1. What is so sad is this isn’t a new issue. They’ve known about it. Before they replaced these freezers, the previous bank had the same issue for months before they did anything.

      1. Aaaargh, so they’re SHOVELING money out the door, AND pissing off customers with sub-standard goods.

        …I have a weird thing, not UNHEARD of but mildly weird, where I get pleasure from seeing people do smart business things and get annoyed when I see people do STUPID business things. It’s like seeing a really good bit of wordplay, it’s NICE to see a job well done.
        This is the opposite.

  3. I feel your pain/frustration. I’ve run into similar issues, and not just with groceries. And don’t even get me started on sackers. Some stores/corporations don’t seem to understand that my money spends just as well at their competitors.

    1. Exactly. What is really telling is I hate Walmart. I really, really hate it. But the Walmart Neighborhood Grocery is quickly becoming my go-to for all but fresh fruits and veg. They have better prices, the checkers and stockers are nice and the store is generally well-stocked with long life on the canned goods.

  4. Did my own weekly shopping today, Sunday, at the local mini WalMart neighborhood grocery. Always try to get there on Sunday before 9am. Lots of restocking going on, and some end of shelf life discounts. And everyone there, staff anyway, is always friendly to an old hard rode gentleman.
    Will note that I do not go there for fresh meat or produce, learned that lesson long ago, but for canned, frozen, prepackaged stuff it works. Left home at 8:50, back in the door at 9:20.

    1. That has become my go-to for just about anything except fresh fruit and veg. The meat is a toss-up. If I hit it right, there’s good meat (as long as you stay clear of their ground beef).

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