Get a life

Warning, there will be cussing and more cussing.

We live in an age of almost instant communication. Social media permeates almost every facet of our lives. That is a good and bad thing. The good is that it gives everyone a voice, if they want to use it. The bad? It gives everyone a voice, even when they shouldn’t use it. That becomes especially true with each election cycle, especially those in which we are electing a president. However, it isn’t limited to those times.

Still, titling this post “get a life” might not accurately portray my feelings. More apt would be “shut the fuck up!”

A combination of conversations, and I use that term loosely, on social media sent me over the edge this morning. The first was one I saw immediately upon switching on the computer. It seems someone who used to be a strong believer in the less government interference in our lives, the better was now advocating that those who more give to those with less. The logic, and again I am using a term loosely, was that if we gave these wanters what they wanted, they wouldn’t try to take it from us.

Well fuck that and fuck the duck you rode in on.

Yes, there are some people out there who honestly need a hand up. They are the ones who, for reasons beyond their control, are in a situation where they can’t make ends meet. It might be through illness or something else. But they don’t want to be on the dole. They are doing what they can to get off of it — or they can’t get off due to physical or mental illness. However, there are many more who, through our country’s welfare mentality now believe it is their right to be supported by those who have the willingness to work hard.

As I said, fuck that and fuck the duck it rode in on. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass if you are a multiple Ph.D. who lost your job and can’t find a comparable one. If you are able, you can be working at McDonalds or Walmart or any other job. Yes, it might be “beneath” you, but to hell with that. It is a job and you are working. You are earning your way.

As for the person who said we should simply give these folks who want what they want or feel they need, the ass needs to re-examine his premise. Of course, when told that, the response was to cite military service as if that made him an expert of on the topic. No, sorry, dick, it doesn’t. I applaud your service but not your comments. However, you can make them because, unlike you, I believe in the fucking First Amendment.

Now, why do I say the poster doesn’t believe in it? Because, when called on his bullshit, he took the same course of action I have seen him do time and time again, just as I’ve seen others do when they aren’t being patted on the head and told they are smart and wonderful. He blocked at least two commenters who did not agree with him. His precious little feelings were hurt.

Then came the final straw. A friend of mine, Nicki Kenyon, blogs over at The Liberty Zone. Now, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Nicki, she has a colorful turn of phrase. In other words, she can make a drill instructor blush with some of her language. Not that she tries to hide it from her readers. At the very top of the page, she and her blogging partner note that the posts are “written by a well-armed veteran with an extensive vocabulary, the ability to make up inventive invective, a bad attitude and a high IQ.

Earlier today, Instapundit linked to Nicki’s post Unintended Consequences. It’s a great post with a number of points I wish everyone would read and consider. But — gasp — there is cussing in it. As I said, Nicki has a great way with words and I’ve learned a lot from her. I mean, until I knew Nicki, I’d never heard the phrase “cunt-chafed twatmold”. Now, if you read the post, you will see this is a very appropriate description for someone who should be erased from the gene pool.

But it didn’t matter how good the post was or how valid her points were, an asshole in search of a dick and balls commented over at Insty that they needed to quit linking to Nicki’s posts. Why? Was it because she was a liberal bitch spewing evil lies all over he place? Hell no. It was because she used bad words.

Yes, you read that right.

A commenter at Insty wants no more links to The Liberty Zone because Nicki cusses and does so very colorfully.

What. The. Fuck.

How in the world can someone who proclaims on one hand that they are for freedom, and I assume that also means freedom speech, then demand one site not link to another because — gasp — cussing might be involved? Let’s not worry about minor matters like basic content, the veracity of said content or the logic of what the author writes. Oh no, someone’s delicate little eyes have been offended so the offender must be culled from the herd.

Well, too fucking back. (Oh hell, my Irish is coming out. Pretty soon fucking will become focking and I’ll revert to some of the more colorful aspects of that part of my heritage.)

I am so sick and tired of having to bend over backwards to make sure no one is offended by what is said, whether that sense of offense is reasonable or not. We are now living in a country where a very vocal segment feels it is their privilege and right to create a “safe zone” that precludes anything they don’t like from being written or said.

I can’t find the link right now but I read a story this morning about a college here in the U.S. where a uniformed police officer was escorted out of a classroom because the oh-so-sensitive bitch teaching it felt threatened because he was wearing a gun. Now, before some of you start in on how the cops can’t be trusted, don’t. This wasn’t a cop making a traffic stop. This wasn’t a cop out running drug stings. This was a cop taking a class and not doing anything untoward. No, this was simply a special and oh-so-delicate flower who was scared by an fucking inanimate object.

Of course, it might have also been because the cop was male. You know how dangerous men are. After all, there are women suggesting we would be better off if we killed all the men except for a few needed for breeding purposes. Fucking bitches. Can you imagine the cries of “No, you evil misogynist!” that would ring out should a man make the same basic claim about women?

Let me make this perfectly clear. I have had enough. If you want to talk about how you believe in freedom of speech, then you’d better put your money where your mouth is. Freedom of speech isn’t trying to shut down speech you don’t like or agree with. Freedom of speech isn’t trying to cost people their jobs when you don’t like what they say. Yes, they can be the biggest fucking douche-wad there is but as long as their speech doesn’t violate the First Amendment, shut the fuck up about silencing them.

Sure, it is your wall on Facebook or Twitter or whatever. It is very easy to hit the block button or to unfriend someone. But you know what happens when you do? Two things. You wind up with nothing but an echo chamber where everyone basically agrees with what you say. That might make life a bit easier but not really, not in the long run. Why? Because there will come a time when someone in that echo chamber no longer agrees with something you say. Do you block them or, worse, what if they manage to convince most of the others in the echo chamber that they are right and you are wrong? Suddenly you are the one on the outside and you can’t even look in because they have blocked you.

Poor widdle twat waffle. You created a safe zone and suddenly it isn’t so safe anymore.

But there is another reason, a more strategic one, for not listening to what those who make you uncomfortable say. We learn by what we see and hear. We learn what is good and what is bad. Sometimes we even learn that the beliefs we held about something might not be right. More importantly, if you slam the door so tightly that you don’t see what others think, you don’t have warning when the attack is coming and you don’t have the necessary footing to respond.

Have I banned folks from this blog? Yes. One. A well-known internet troll who never tries to discuss the substance of an issue. His only goal is to cause trouble. Have I blocked folks on Facebook? Yes, two and for the same reason. I don’t block people because I don’t like their stands on issues. I don’t block people because they cuss or are of a different race, religion or political belief from myself. I might tell them I think their comments are fucking insane. If I do, I also explain why.

I do not and never will tell someone not to link to another simply because that person uses profanity. So, in a tribute to Nicki and in the hopes I piss off all the fucking twat-waffle, dickless douche bags out there, go read The Liberty Zone. I guaran-damn-tee you will learn something.


  1. Well, I’ve seen and heard worse “cussing” than Nicki’s. 😈

    Mind you, for the last few weeks I’ve been avoiding sites where I’ve commented on.


    My blood pressure. I’ve been fighting an “angry mood” so I’m having to avoid places that feed into that “angry mood”.

    For me it was a matter where I agree with the rants but I don’t need the extra anger.

    Now, if I can avoid sites, why don’t those idiots avoid sites that “annoy” them? [Sad Smile]

  2. Amanda, you’re an inspiration! Truly. It’s amazing that people who claim to support freedom, only really do so when THEIR principles are at stake. Everyone else? Fuck ’em!

    1. LOL, Nicki. I’ve never understood the mentality of those who on the one hand espouse how much they support freedom of speech or press or whatever and then they want to put limits on it and simply because someone didn’t agree with them.

      1. Amanda, and they make excuses for said behavior by claiming they’re offended by stupid things like language! It’s just an excuse, really. They can’t come up with a coherent argument, so they simply try to muzzle those with whom they disagree.

        BTW – I have a blog post coming about that this afternoon. It’s already scheduled. I didn’t want to schedule for yesterday, so my husband’s post about Kasich could remain at the top of the page for a bit. 🙂

  3. Half the reason I read Nicki’s stuff is to see what unique ways she’s come up with to describe someone.

    Back when I was in boot camp, I thought my company commander was Picasso of Profanity. Nicki has shown me he was only dabbling with finger paints.

    The fact that she’s pretty much echoes my feelings? Yeah, that’s just been an awesome bonus. 😀

  4. Aye. Been quietly following The Liberty Zone for a (very) little while now.

    [Btw, this is ‘Orvan’ but the browser (Vivaldi – Chrome derived) I use for Orvan doesn’t seem to let me comment here, and shows me a hostgator 404 page when I try.]

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