Fingers Crossed

Okay, just a quick update. If you saw my previous posts this week, you’ll know that I’ve been having a few “issues” with the release files for Jaguar Bound. Now release time is nigh–and past nigh in some areas–and I’m crossing my fingers they do what they promised.

Here’s the thing. If you pre-ordered the book, you may get a file that isn’t ready for prime time. There are a couple of ways to see if you got the right file or not. If you have the first file–the one they told me to go ahead and upload because they promised with sugar on top that they would push the right file through right away once the book went live, has several differences from the final product. Here are a few:

  • No copyright page
  • An incomplete MSS
  • A great big warning that shows up at the end of the book–and that is listed in the Table of Contents–warning that you have the wrong file and what to do to get the right one.

There are a few other differences as well, but those are the big ones.

Now, I just uploaded the proper file. I made sure it has a very different file name (that doesn’t impact the title at all) so Amazon’s bots that seem to run everything realize it is a new file and needs to be pushed through to everyone who ordered the book. Of course, it takes some time (anywhere from a few hours to days) for Amazon to approve a file. That means I’m going to be sitting on pins and needles as I wait to see what happens.

If you have the bad file, there is an email address on the warning page. I set this account up solely to keep track of any issues folks have getting the new version. Note it down and hang onto it. Once I see the right file shown in the preview in the US store and can download the right file, I will announce it here and elsewhere. At that time, check your Kindles or Kindle app and see if the new file has been automatically pushed through. If not, go to “Content and Devices”, find the book title, use the menu associated with it to push through the update. If that doesn’t work, please contact Amazon–and let me know. The update is supposed to be automatic.

I apologize most deeply for the trouble. Real life interfered but there wouldn’t have been a problem except for the known issue (Amazon’s words) concerning their countdown clocks sometimes screwing up. When that happens, there apparently isn’t anyone who can override. You get to play bot roulette. So much fun–not.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an update and, hopefully, good news.

Featured Image by SAIYED IRFAN A from Pixabay

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