Doing My Little Engine That Could Impression

This week is going to be “interesting”. It is also going to be very challenging when it comes to writing. Even so, writing is happening and progress on editing and putting the final touches on Jaguar Rising are progressing at a pace I’m almost satisfied with.

Yesterday saw the bulk of what is normally my work day spent in the car or in waiting rooms. Mom, who at almost 90, is still in really good health both mentally and physically. Except. . . her body is starting to realize it is almost 90. Since Covid restrictions went into place, she hasn’t been able to do all she used to: volunteering at the airport, playing mahjohngg with friends from church, etc. That’s meant she hasn’t had as much physical activity and that, in turn, emphasized some problems with her back she hadn’t realized were getting worse. A week or so ago, she had a CT scan. Yesterday, a visit with the spine specialist. Wednesday, we go back to see a pain specialist. I’m not bitching. I will do just about anything to make sure she isn’t hurting and maintains her independence.

Today, in fact in just a couple of hours, we head off to Dallas to get her first Covid shot. Who knows how long we’ll be tied up doing that.

Which is why I worked until after 10 last night and was up a little after 5 this morning to write, do some blogging and take care of a couple of other things. It’s also what reminded me that schedules can and often are cast asunder by real life interruptions. The key is being able to bend instead of breaking. Okay, who am I kidding? Real life has nothing on Myrtle the Evil Muse when it comes to screwing up my carefully laid plans.  😉

Anway, I’ve got a few things to deal with before heading out this morning. In the meantime, here’s another tease from Jaguar Rising. And, no, I’m not giving any context because I’m evil. (This is also pretty heavily redacted so I don’t give away too much.)

Mac stopped in the doorway and forced herself not to rush inside. Her hands gripped the doorframe so tightly she was surprised it didn’t splinter. Disbelief, fear, pride, and then more disbelief washed over her as she took in the scene before her..

No, this couldn’t be happening. No way. Absolutely no way.

Even as her mind tried to make sense of what she saw, she scanned the faces of those gathered. She knew all of them, some very well. But one was missing. Well, not exactly but that one was not in the form it should be. Instead of [not gonna tell you. Hahahaha], a black panther crouched in front of the others, watching, waiting.

What the hell?


Featured Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay


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