Deadlines looming

Blogging has been sparse this week due to deadlines and real life obligations. There’s something about the beginning of September where everyone has doctor appointments, repair shop appointments, etc. I’ve also been trying–unsuccessfully–to take a bit of time for myself. That will come after I turn in the final version of Victory from Ashes for its release later this month.

One thing I’ve done this week is rewrite a scene where one of the key plot threads that’s wound through the series is finally answered. Well, to be accurate, it had been answered but only the bad guys knew. Now Ash and company learn the answer and to say it throws at least a few of them for a loop–if for different reasons–is putting it mildly.

But that means I want the scene(s) to play out perfectly and I wasn’t completely satisfied with what I’d written. So I took time to rewrite the main scene. Of course, that meant adapting subsequent scenes to follow the rewrite.

That said, the book is almost ready to go. I want to do a tweak to the cover as well. Then it is on to Danger Foretold.

Oh, and I know I’m late getting the newsletter out. Look for it next week.

What else?

Fan girl moment. One of my favorite series is the Jane Yellowrock series by Faith Hunter. This is one of those series I go back and reread from time to time. It is definitely one I have on the pre-order list so I get the next book as soon as it comes out. Unfortunately, the series is coming to an end. I hate that but I can also see why Ms. Hunter made the call. Jane’s grown a great deal over the years and her story arc is coming to an end. But, from what I’ve gathered, there is the possibility of off-shoot stories/series later. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

All that is a prelude to admitting that come Sept. 14th, I’ll be curled up with my coffee and my Kindle reading True Dead. That will be my reward for finishing and turning in Victory from Ashes. If you enjoy shapeshifters, magic, even vampires–and these definitely do NOT sparkle–check out the series. Jane is kickass and determined and flawed. She doesn’t always win the fight but she will win the battle, even if it means having to sacrifice herself. Over the course of the series, she has learned to trust herself, trust Beast and trust others–something that hasn’t always been easy. Again, check it out if you haven’t already.

What else?

I’ll try to get a snippet up later today or tomorrow. I need to sign off now. Errands to run and I want to get them done before it gets too hot and before the stores get too crowded.

Until later!


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