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Good morning, everyone. I’m sitting here, coffee mug in one hand and the sun–something we haven’t seen a lot of here recently–shining brightly. Hopefully, that means we can get through the day without more rain. The ground’s saturated and local Fire & Rescue teams are exhausted from all the high water rescues they’ve been doing. While they were out risking life and limb, I was inside risking my sanity as I did a deep dive into my publishing numbers over the last year, looked at various options and planned the rest of this year’s publishing schedule. As a result, I’ve come to a couple of decisions and we’ll see how they play out.

First of all, I’m going to change how I sell my books. Starting now, as books come up for renewal on KDP Select, I’m removing them from the program. Once they are out of the program, I’ll be releasing the books wide. It means some juggling so series are released in order–and I’m still entering the data into my calendar program. It also means redoing some covers. The covers need it anyway and this is the impetus to make me do so.

Going forward, new releases will be Amazon exclusives for the first three months. Then I will be releasing them wide. Now, this may change as data comes in but this is the plan for the next six months to a year. I want to see how this plays out.

I’ll admit, part of this is because of the string of recent Amazon issues. I’ve been lucky and haven’t been caught up in any of them. But I have never been a firm believer in putting my eggs all in one basket. Another factor is seeing some of the changes in various third-party platforms like Draft2Digital. I’ve always like D2D. I just didn’t get the sales to justify dropping the additional KDP sales. But with some of the changes the other markets like B&N and Apple have instituted with D2D, it is time to test the water.

Second, I sat down yesterday and figured out the first round of titles that will be going wide. The first three will be the three prequel short stories in the Honor & Duty series. These will be the original shorts, not the expanded versions that make up Battle Flight. Here are the new covers (note: these are draft versions and will be tweaked before the stories go live on the other platforms later this month).


In late July/August, I’ll be releasing Sword of Arelion and Dagger of Elanna wide. Those covers will remain the same with a little tweaking. The Stalker’s Moon series (Hunted, Tracked, and Prey) will be released wide in the Fall. August will see the wide release of Vengeance from Ashes. Nocturnal Origins will go wide in October/November. The Eerie Side of the Tracks series will begin going wide Oct/Nov.

So what’s coming next?

The next full-length novel will be Fire Storm, the first book in the Tearing the Veil series. (again, the cover will be tweaked before release). I’m aiming for a June release but will post more when the date is finalized. And, as noted above, it will be Amazon exclusive for three months before going wide.

Also coming soon is A Call to Honor, a new short story (possibly novella) in the Honor & Duty series. As with all my cover drafts above, this cover is subject to change and/or tweaking. Release date in the next four to six weeks. . . maybe.

In other words, I’m still playing with my calendar. Also outlined or drafted or kicking around in my head are the following: the sequel to Dagger of Elanna (the final book in the Sword of the Gods series), the next Eerie Side of the Tracks novel (Magic Rising, tentative title) and Jaguar Dawn (the sequel to Jaguar Rising). Then there are a couple of other short stories in the hopper that need final edits and covers.

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