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As promised, I’ve been working on updating my main website. Let me tell you, I hate updating websites. I especially hate it when the site is very out of date and no one’s to blame but me. I’ve learned my lesson, however. Never, ever will I wait so long between updates. WordPress, like Facebook, just loves to “improve” things. Of course, their improvements aren’t what you or I would term as such.

So here’s the thing. I want you guys to take a look at the site. Know that I’m still tweaking it. But here are some questions I need answers to and if you have them, please — PLEASE — share them in the comments.

  1. Is there an easy way, through widget or plug-in to have a button or dialog box or something that will share my FB and Twitter accounts? The method used on this blog only works for Twitter now and doesn’t work on the updated site.
  2. How does the site look on various browsers you use?
  3. Is there anything you think the site needs that it doesn’t have already?


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Writer, proud military mom and possessed by two crazy cats and one put-upon dog. Writes under the names of Amanda S. Green, Sam Schall and Ellie Ferguson.


  1. I’m using Vivaldi, and didn’t see any major problems. However, when I clicked through to the book or author pages, none of the book titles have cover images. They just have “broken image” icons beside them.

    1. Odd. I’ll have to install Vivaldi and take a look. I’ve not found any linkage problems with IE (or whatever it is on Windows now), Chrome or Safari. Thanks for the heads’ up.

  2. Oh, yeah, one other thing. It would be good to have the “Written as …” text also be a link to the appropriate page, just like the cover images.

  3. I have to apologize – I think the missing images are due to my tracking cookie blocker (EFF’s Privacy Badger), not necessarily a problem with the images. I’m sorry for the confusion.

    1. I finally figured that might be it. The images, etc., are actually active links to the amazon product pages. That means cookies will be active.

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