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The title of this post has two meanings. The first is that I would like you to check out the two pre-orders (soon to be three) I have available. I’ll link to those in a moment. The second is that, by going wide, I now have titles available to be checked out through various library-esque lending programs. More on that as well. Finally, I’ll be doing more work on my Books2Read page over the next few days, getting rid of duplicate entries, etc. That should make it easier to navigate and make it less confusing.

Let’s start with the pre-orders. Victory from Ashes and Danger Foretold are now available for pre-order and Firestriker will soon be available for pre-order (I need to finish the blurb and then upload it).


Victory from Ashes

Release date: Sept. 7, 2021

War is hell. No battle plan survives the opening salvo. When the enemy is set on the total destruction of your homeworld, how far will you go to protect it and those you love?

This war has already cost Col. Ashlyn Shaw too much. She has lost friends and family to an enemy that doesn’t know the meaning of honor. Marines under her command have died doing their duty. Her enemies at home conspired and brought her up on charges, sending her and members of her command to the Tarsus military penal colony. But they didn’t win then and she won’t let them win now. She is a Marine, a Devil Dog, and they can’t take that away from her.

Ashlyn is determined to do all she can to protect her homeworld and end the war. She will lead her Marines against the enemy, knowing that if they fail, Fuercon will fall. But will it be enough and will those who have conspired behind the scenes to destroy her and all she stands for finally be brought to justice?

Duty and honor. Corps and family. That is what matters. It is all that matters.


Danger Foretold

Release Date: Nov. 16, 2021

Mossy Creek, TX is not your normal town. For more than a century, it’s been a haven to Others, people with special “talents”. Magic and shapeshifting are normal there. Others and Normals co-exist as friends, neighbors, lovers and family. But all that is in danger of being destroyed as an untold evil comes to town, determined to destroy not only those sworn to protect the town and all who live there but the very town itself.

Mossy Creek’s wayward children have returned, one by one, to town. Annie Grissom Caldwell, Quinn O’Donnell, and Meg Sheridan are back and determined to do all they can to stand between their town and the oncoming danger. Dr. Jax Powell, the Rogue, leads them and, in her role as one of the town’s Guardians, will do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe. But another of their group, Maddy Reyes, may very well hold the key to victory.

But can they trust her?

Do they dare?

As for the library-esque options, many of my titles that have gone wide are now available on Borrow Box. The books are starting to show up on Overdrive as well. There may be another site or two I can’t think of off the top of my head. What that means is those who relied on KU to read my books now have a free alternative. I hope it helps. But, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m also going to be building a review or street team. I’ll put out calls for folks who want to volunteer to leave early reviews. I’ll provide a free e-book and only ask for an honest review in return. You will need to reveal you received a review copy of the e-book, especially on Amazon if you review there. But I am trying to make sure no one gets left behind by this change in marketing strategies.

Now I need to run. This morning is going to be busy with non-writing obligations. This afternoon, I can get back to it and that’s when I’ll be putting Firestriker up for pre-order. So it should start showing up on the different stores tonight or tomorrow.

Until later!


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