Busy, busy week

Hence the somewhat sporadic blogging. This is one of those weeks when “real life” commitments impinge on writing, blogging and–gasp–gaming. I blame not the various doctor appointments, etc., but the time change. In case you can’t tell, I despise the time change and really wish it would go away. Anyway. . . .

I want to start by doing a late announcement for my Substack. The fifth snippet of Battleborn went life Monday. You can find it here. The snippets will continue to be public through the end of the month. Then new stippets will go behind the paywall.

Speaking of which, I want to thank all of you who have subscribed, no matter what the level, to the substack. A special thanks to those who have subscribed to the paid levels. It does help.

Moving on. I wrote last week (I think it was just last week) about trying a new app for writing. Over the years, I’ve tried and discarded any number of alternatives to Word for writing. Some had strong points and others were fails from the get-go. But none offered enough of whatever I was looking for to get me to leave Word. (Of course, I could never really vocalize, even for myself, what I wanted. I just knew it wasn’t Word. At least not for the rough draft phase.)

Well, Ulysses (a Mac only app) so far is fitting the bill. I’ll never go completely away from Word. It is still the “industry standard”. For years, I’ve been working with it without any real issue other than I hate the bloat of the code involved in the program–plus it’s MS. But the last few years, I’ve found myself worrying on a subconscious level about formatting, etc., as i wrote and it does slow the process.

I’m not sure why I decided to try Ulysses this time. I’d tried it before and didn’t like it. But this time, whether I was in the right mental space for it or there have been changes to the app since then, it just clicked for me. Basically nothing much more than a text markup program, it lets me just write.

My word count is way up. It has an easy to understand and easy to use export feature that lets me take it into Word (or similar programs) with a DOCX file. It will even export into PDF. While it will add one step into the editing/conversion process, that’s not biggie. We’re talking seconds to a few minutes only. That’s a trade-off I’ll accept as long as the words keep flowing like they have been.

On the non-writing front, it’s time to spend several hours–many several hours, if I’m being honest–in the yard prepping it for Spring and Summer. I need to get out before Friday morning (trash day) and break up some limbs that fell last week during the storms. Flower beds need to be cleaned and prepped and more, including checking the sprinkler system and making any needed repairs or adjustments.

Finally, I want to give a shout-out to Gov. Abbott who had a few choice comments about the acts pulling out of SXSW because of the Army’s sponsorship (as well as some military contractors) of the festival. The governor basically pointed out TX is proud of the military and if you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you on the way out. I’ll even give it to SXSW in its response. While it said it didn’t agree with Abbott, noting it valued those acts’ right to free speech (and said nothing about the governor’s right to the same), it also pointed out the importance of the military in developing new systems, etc., that we now use in our everyday lives. While it wasn’t a complete act of support for either Abbott or the military, it also wasn’t a capitulation to the acts who got butt hurt because the festival accepted sponsorship–and money–from the evil military machine (and tongue very firmly in cheek as I type that last bit).

Now for the real final word. (I promise. I need to get to work.) Tomorrow or Friday, I’ll be announcing the release day for Surtr’s Fury. So check back. The pre-order date will also be announced. This release will be different from those for the last several years. It is being released as an Amazon-only title and will remain that way for at least three months. However, for the paid subscribers on my Substack, it will be one of the titles they can choose to receive as a benefit of their membership. So look for that announcement.

Until later!

(Featured image is TuggerCat letting me know he does NOT approve of the laptop on his drafting table.)

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