Bridging the Gap

It dawned on me the other day as I was posting the snippet from Nocturnal Revelations that this book was different, not only from other books in the series but from much of my other series work. In this series, as with the Honor & Duty series, the books tend to begin shortly after the previous book ended. Sometimes, that means starting immediately after the end of the last book. I try not to leave the reader with too much of a cliffhanger. For one, I hate when writers do that to me. I want the main plot of a novel to finish up by the last page. Sure, series need to have dangling plot threads to continue over to the next book. But don’t leave a character in dire peril or something similar and then make me wait months or years to find out what happened. That is the surest way to lose me as a reader.

Nocturnal Rebellion ended with many of the series plot threads tied up, or at least in the process of being tied up. There are still enough of them, some of them very important to the series, that need to be finished. I’ll be doing some of that with Revelations. But, as I sat down to the write the book, I realized I needed to do something different from the previous volumes. I needed some time to pass between the end of Rebellion and the beginning of Revelations.

Oh, I could have followed true to form and started near the end of Rebellion. The problem with doing so is nothing would have happened. The intervening months for Mac and company have been a time to heal wounds physical, mental and emotions. It’s been a time of regrouping, of trying to figure out where they stand, not only in the shifter world but in the world-at-large. It’s been a time of behind-the-scenes planning. Our cast of merry misfits know they are living on borrowed time. Sooner or later, their secret will come out and then all hell will break loose. . . .

Unless they control then when and how. But that is easier said than done.

So, instead of writing page after page of what very well could turn into navel gazing–and I will NOT do that to Mac. She’d probably reach out from my creative consciousness to throttle me if I did–I made the choice to jump ahead in time some. Not far. No more than a year. But that is enough to set certain things into play that will be revealed during the course of the novel.

To say I’m excited about getting back to Mac’s world is putting it mildly. Better yet, I want to write, something I haven’t really wanted to do since two weeks before Mom’s surgery. I’d forgotten what an emotional drain it can be to have someone you care about not able to care for themselves. Mom is better and that eases the mental drain. The physical exhaustion will be dealt with. There will be days like yesterday when all I could do was sleep when I could and stare into the distance. But as she is able to do more for herself, those days will grow less frequent.

Anyway, I’m back at work this morning and have been making notes about the gap between books. That’s necessary since I’m not a complete panther. More than that, there are certain things I need to remember from Rebellion and that need to happen in the interim. Nothing major, but little things that will help make the events of Revelation make more sense. Then there are those plot threads left hanging in Rebellion I need to remember to pick up and continue developing.

Who knew writing could require so much work? VBEG

Oh, and I have to remind myself not to give into the evil whisperings from my gamer mind whenever I pause with the writing, telling me that it would be very easy to boot up the gaming laptop and return to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s a fun game, better than I anticipated and a temptation whenever writing starts getting difficult. Hence the reason I have a work laptop and a gaming laptop. It makes it more difficult to give into temptation. And it is a temptation when the brain decides it has hit a roadblock or doesn’t want to go where the muse is telling it to go.

But back to Revelations. As the snippet shows, life hasn’t gotten any easier for Mac and her friends and family. The question is if they will be up to facing the new set of challenges set for them.

Oh, don’t read too much into the title either. The “revelation” isn’t necessarily the existence of shapeshifters to the world-at-large. This is Mac’s world, after all, where things aren’t always as they seem, and I am the evil writer–something the snippet should warn you about.

And now, for coffee and then back to work. Until later!


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