Bentley’s first morning

(I promise, this will not become a dog blog. For one thing, the cats would kill me. For another, there are other things going on but, for now, Bentley is a good prompt of sorts to get the daily writing going.)

Once again, I have to say thank you to whoever had Bentley before I did (as well as his fosterer who I got him from). This dog is a dream when I consider some of the others I’ve adopted. We only had two quick instances yesterday when he did what most male dogs do in new surroundings — he tried to mark in the house. But a quick “no!” and taking him outside both times appears to have stopped that. Last night, he slept all night. I will admit he did have one small accident in the hallway but it was evident it happened just a few minutes before I got up. So it is more a situation of him getting into the rhythm of the household and learning to come get either Mom or me than it is a problem with housebreaking.

On our walk this morning, we encountered one of the neighbors walking their two schnauzers. He really wanted to go up and meet them but minded when I told him no and to stay. There was a bit of obligatory leash pulling but it was really only half-hearted. That was reassuring because my mother wants to to walk him and this proved that she is going to be able to.

The biggest issue this morning is that he really wants to play with DK but the demon cat is having none of it. There’s been a bit of posturing on the cat’s part, but nothing major. One hiss and swipe but no connecting and, thankfully, no damage. As for Thena, her royal pussiness is looking at all that is happening from her loft atop the desk with a definite expression of disdain on her face.

Now if I could just convince Bentley that his bed isn’t one great big chew toy.

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  1. Since he has some beagle in him, watch out for him and waste baskets. Lilly, my beagle, keeps thinking that there’s something in the waste basket for her. [Smile]

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