Battle Flight status update

Well, this is what I get for thinking I had all the kinks worked out ahead of Battle Flight‘s release date. I’d submitted the print files. Everything looked awesome in the preview function. I ordered the hard copy proof because I don’t want to take chances of anything going wrong. It got here and looked fine. Except. . . .

You knew there had to be an “except”. A day or two after I ordered the hard copy proof, Amazon left the flag on the files that there was a problem with the cover. This after it had already passed the preliminary check. According to the notice, some of the text was a bit too close to the edges. Except it wasn’t. Not really. Neither according to their guides or from what the printed version showed. But, the stupid system was dug in.

I’ll be honest, I let it sit a day because I was pissed. Yes, I contacted Amazon and let them know I don’t like their system. They should flag problems before letting you buy the proof. Yes, their online system should flag the problems right away. I’ll give up a few minutes of waiting time for them to put into place a system that caught these errors early, like Createspace did.

Anyway. . . enough bitching.

I updated the cover image this morning to make sure the text portions were well above the guidelines.  I’m waiting now for the system to work its arcane magic to process the new file. Then I’ll do a final preview and press OK.

Fingers crossed it works this time. If it does, the print version should be available within 72 hours.

Knock on wood.

UPDATE: As of 1030 hrs Central, I approved the files. Now to see how long it takes Amazon to do the same. Fingers crossed again and more knocking on wood.

In the meantime, the e-book version is available for download. Please check it out.

Honor and duty. Corps and family. Those values had been drilled into Ashlyn Shaw as long as she could remember.

Long before conspiracies and war threatened her home planet and those she loved, Ashlyn had to prove to herself and others that she had what it took to be a member of Fuercon’s Marine Corps. Along the way, she learned the true meaning of honor, duty and sacrifice.

 Battle Flight is a prequel novel that takes place before Vengeance from Ashes. It is built around the short stories, Taking Flight, Battle Bound and Battle Wounds and contains substantial new material.


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