Battle Flight Print Update 2

Well, after much hair pulling and inventive word use, the print version of Battle Flight is finally available.  Of course, this being me, nothing is perfect. Amazon hasn’t yet linked the print version with the e-book version. So I’m waiting for that to happen.

The other oddity was the blurb, which was a direct transfer using their own mechanism from the e-book page, lost all formatting. I know I fixed it the other day. And I’ve just fixed it again. Hopefully, it stays that way. I have, however, made a note to check it over the next few days to be sure.

All that said, the paperback is available. Huzzah!

Honor and duty. Corps and family. Those values had been drilled into Ashlyn Shaw as long as she could remember.

Long before conspiracies and war threatened her home planet and those she loved, Ashlyn had to prove to herself and others that she had what it took to be a member of Fuercon’s Marine Corps. Along the way, she learned the true meaning of honor, duty and sacrifice.

Battle Flight is a prequel novel that takes place before Vengeance from Ashes. It is built around the short stories, Taking Flight, Battle Bound and Battle Wounds and contains substantial new material.

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