Bad News

Just a quick note because it is way too early to be dealing with much of anything yet. I just delisted Designation: Frejya. That doesn’t mean it isn’t coming out. It will. But there are some issues I can’t get into right now regarding the book that need to be dealt with before I press the publish button.

I don’t like it. Not one bit and I’ve spent a great deal of time deciding the best course of action. But after consulting with someone who is not only aware of what is going on but has dealt with the publishing world longer than I have, I’ve come to the decision this is my best course of action.

That said, rest assured the book will come out. We are well into the process of making sure the issues now facing it are being dealt with–and to my favor. But I’d prefer to deal with them now, before the book comes out and causes even more complications.

My apologies to everyone. This isn’t a situation I take lightly nor a decision I made easily. When I can, I will explain in more detail but don’t expect that until later. For now, I’m hoping I can bring the book out in a couple of months. It is ready to go.

Until later!


  1. I noticed that it wasn’t listed in the Amazon Store but hadn’t noticed that it was “gone” from the Kobo store.

    Should I consider the pre-order cancelled?

    The pre-order is listed in my check book.

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