Back to Work

Like many people here in the U. S., I took most of last week off. Thanksgiving is one of those times when family, both “natural” and extended, gather at my house. That means cleaning and cooking and that goes along with it. Add to that the knee injury that has really laid me up and slowed me down and I was ready for time away from the computer. You’d think with a knee injury, working on a laptop or tablet wouldn’t be a problem. But, at least for me. So, today I’m trying to sit at the desk for an hour or two in order to get some “real” work done.

The main things I have to concentrate on right now are my December/January releases. I have one novella and one novel that I need to get out by the first week in January. Fortunately, both have rough drafts done. Now it’s simply a matter of filling in the blanks, cleaning up the artifacts like “(be sure to include. . . )” and so forth. I am going to try to get them done and ready for release ahead of time because of the knee and the potential for surgery.

Yes, potential. Even though the doctor and I both know that’s what’s needed, we are still having to jump through insurance hoops. Also, I don’t want to have the surgery until after the holidays. For one, I don’t want to be a drag for friends and family when they come into town — and especially not for my son. For another — and this is the important one — my 86-year-old mother finally admitted this morning when I came close to losing my temper with her that her knee has been bothering her and she’s tried to hide it. Why? Because she knew if she said anything, I’d call her doctor and would not have let her cook three major meals over the holiday. We would have ordered in or I would have draft friends and family to help. But noooooo, my mother who gets more like a German hausfrau the older she gets, wouldn’t hear of it.

Therefore, surgery has to wait until after Christmas and New Years. But that’s okay. I’m in no rush to go under the knife, even if it is only an arthroscopic procedure. I HATE hospitals. I HATE being laid up more than I am now.

For now, however, I write and I get back to regular blogging. Oh, and coffee. Much more coffee will be consumed.

Here’s hoping everyone had a safe and fun holiday. Try not to buy too much this CyberMonday. Until later when I’ll be back with another post, probably one taken from the headlines because hoo-boy are there some headlines out there just crying to be blogged about.

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