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Just a short post to start the day off. I’ll be back later with more but, for now, I’m waiting for the coffee to kick in. Okay, I know that could be a long wait. These days, it seems like there is never enough coffee, especially if I have to deal with Amazon or any of the retailers. Anyway. . . .

Amazon has finally updated the files for Taking Flight. I submitted new cover and updated interior files for it and for Battle Bound Monday. No problem with Battle Bound. Within a matter of hours, I received notice that it had been approved and the new files were live. Cool.

But. . . .

What about Taking Flight

I checked the product page for Taking Flight because i knew from past experience that sometimes a product went live before Amazon got around to telling me. For a moment, I even got excited because the new cover was up. But a check of the preview confirmed my worst fears. The interior files hadn’t been updated.


Now, there really wasn’t any change to the text of the short story. I think I correct a couple of spelling or grammar errors (gawd, I hate commas. They always seem to be everywhere but where they are supposed to be.). But the interior file had to be changed to reflect the change in the cover.

I waited. then I waited some more. Finally, late Monday I emailed Amazon asking why Battle Bound, which had been submitted for update several hours after Taking Flight had been approved and the new files were live and yet that wasn’t the case for Taking Flight. The response I received was pretty much their canned answer. It can take up to 72 hours. But — and they assured me this was a good thing — the updates had been accepted. They simply hadn’t been pushed through the system yet.

So I sent a response asking why?

I got an answer pretty quickly. Of course, it didn’t say anything. There were soooo many factors. But it would be live soon. They promised.

Fortunately for all of us, it was. Now I need to update Battle Wounds — that will be later today. The three novels will be updated with the new covers probably over the weekend. After that, Fire from Ashes will go on pre-sale. Yay!

Later this morning, I’ll have a new post up over at According to Hoyt. I’m starting a new series on the book Trekonomics. I have a bit of fun in the post today because I get to snark some at the book’s Forward as well as remember watching Star Trek: The Original Series for the first time. Check it out when you have a chance. Fair warning: I was late getting it to Sarah, so it will be several hours in all likelihood before she gets it up. That’s on me. I should have gotten it to her yesterday and didn’t.

Finally, I will be adding a new post here in a couple of hours. I had considered including what I want to say in this post but it deserves its own post. Most of you have been following the royal fuck-up that is Origins Gaming Fair. The way they invited and the uninvited Larry Correia as literary guest of honor is shameful. The manner in which they handled it is worse. When it comes so close to the events that led to John Ringo not participating in ConCarolnas . . . well, you see a pattern evolving and it is something we should all be worried about.

I’m not going to rehash much of that in what  want to write. What I do want to post is something John put together yesterday. I’m sure that, by then, I’ll have more to add. So check back in a couple of hours for that.

Until later!


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