A Short Snippet Of A Sort

From Jaguar Rising:

“Mac, are you sure about this?”

Jackson turned in his seat and reached for my hand. As he did, the back doors of the SUV opened and the others piled out. Cami laughed gaily as the front door of The Irish Rose Pub opened and [I’m not going to tell you who] stepped out to greet her. JJ pushed past his sister and hurried inside, no doubt wanting to find out if there was food. I swear he already eats more the rest of us combined and he isn’t yet a teen. I didn’t want to think about what it would be like in another couple of years.

I smiled and cupped Jackson’s cheek with my left hand. Sometimes it was difficult to believe we’d been together almost fifteen years. I wouldn’t trade a day of our lives together, especially not when I watched our children disappear inside the pub. They, and their father, were my anchors. They made everything worthwhile.

And they were a big reason for why we were here tonight.

“I am.” I leaned over and brushed my lips against his. . .

[stuff happens here you don’t get to see yet. VBEG]

My name’s Mackenzie Santos Caine and I’m a shapeshifter. . . and, whether I carry a badge or not, I will always be a cop.


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