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No, this isn’t about the shootings this weekend. Unlike so many who have been quick to jump on the bandwagon of blame, finger pointing and gun grabbing, I want to wait until we know more facts about what happened. Until we do, grandstanding helps no one, especially not the nation as a whole. Until then, I will leave it with this. What happened this weekend was a double-tragedy for those involved, for their loved ones and for the nation. My thoughts and prayers go out to all impacted by what happened.

What I do want to grouse about is the past week or two. I’ve gotten a hell of a lot of work done, no thanks to AT&T Uverse. Unfortunately, I live in an area where my options for internet and landline (my elderly mother still wants her landline because reasons). I can use AT&T or Spectrum and, well, Spectrum’s service rep down here sucks rotten eggs.

Not that it helped two weeks ago when we were without internet and a land line for 4 days. Nor did it help when they sent me a new modem at that time, a new modem that wouldn’t connect to their network, requiring them to send out a tech. At least that tech was able to come a day earlier than the one they’d originally scheduled. Funny how that worked, isn’t it? I called in on a Tuesday morning to complain about no service and the soonest they can get to me is Saturday. Call in Thursday after the modem is delivered and won’t connect up and they can send someone the next day.

For six days I had internet and land line. Then, come Thursday, I realized internet was starting to crawl. Before I could run a speed test, I noticed that the light on the gateway indicating phone service was shining an ominous red. A moment later, the same with the wifi. Then, damn it all, the service light went out. Checked everything and sure enough, no internet and no phone.

Call AT&T again. Explain what happened. Didn’t cuss but wanted to. No, they can’t figure out what the problem is and will have to send out a tech. “So sorry, miss, but we can’t get anyone out for several days. . . oh, you are going to cancel your service? Wait, we can have someone out tomorrow morning. . . yada yada yada.”

So, bright and early Friday, the tech arrives. It takes time but finally the problem is isolated. AT&T suddenly decided for whatever asinine reason to flip a switch. According to their system, I was back to using the old modem–the one already sent back to them. So service was coming in but it wasn’t being recognized because the new modem wasn’t the “right” one.

Double grr.

Making matters worse, the tech commented how he’s been seeing this happen more and more often and to watch out for it happening in–you guessed it–a week.

Now, normally this wouldn’t be much of a problem because I could just go to the library or the local coffeeshop, etc., and use the internet there. Hell, I could–and did–tether to my cellphone. The problem with the former is I can’t do online banking etc., because I don’t are how good my security is on the laptop, I don’t trust those connections. With the latter, speeds are throttled and it drains my phone battery something awful. Then there’s the fact that if I tether, Mom wants to be able to go online and play her slot machines, etc., and well, no.

But the real issue came in the crimp it put into my ability to promote the pre-order status for Betrayal from Ashes. So, here goes. Betrayal from Ashes is the fifth book in the Honor and Duty series and the next to the last in the current story arc. Release date is October 1st. Here’s the blurb:

War is never clean. Honor doesn’t always win out. Betrayal becomes the shadow currency that can tip the balance of power.

Colonel Ashlyn Shaw learned those lessons the hard way. Five years ago, she lost her command and her freedom because of the machinations of those willing to betray Fuercon, the homeworld they’d sworn to protect. Supposed allies conspired with enemies. Now Fuercon and its allied systems face a war on multiple fronts.

A war where the enemy doesn’t want a diplomatic solution. One where the enemy claims victory based on the number of civilian deaths.

This is not a war of attrition. It is a war of survival.

It is also a war Ashlyn and her allies have every intention of winning. But to do so, they must first unravel the layers of a conspiracy that goes much deeper than any of them suspect.

Honor and duty. Death before dishonor.



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