A Cyber-Monday Promo and a Few Thoughts

I know, I know. I’ve been absent far too long on the blog. Life happened. Writing happened–a great deal of it. Editing and re-editing happened and so did new covers for one of my series. Because of that, I simply didn’t have the spoons to do the blog and for that I apologize. Anyway, on to the promo.

Battle Flight, the prequel to the Honor & Duty series is on sale this week for $0.99.

Honor and duty. Corps and family. Those values had been drilled into Ashlyn Shaw as long as she could remember.

Long before conspiracies and war threatened her home planet and those she loved, Ashlyn had to prove to herself and others that she had what it took to be a member of Fuercon’s Marine Corps. Along the way, she learned the true meaning of honor, duty and sacrifice.

Battle Flight is a prequel novel that takes place before Vengeance from Ashes. It is built around the short stories, Taking Flight, Battle Bound and Battle Wounds and contains substantial new material.

Now a few thoughts–and a warning or two for the writers out there.

No matter how hard you try to write the best book possible, find the best cover you can and present your work in the best shape, someone is always going to hate. I learned long ago from a dear friend the dangers of reading reviews on Amazon, etc. All too often the person writing it never read the book or only read far enough to be offended. I was reminded of that this morning.

That same friend shared a link to the book. I made the mistake of checking the comments. Let’s say my first response was to beat my head against the desk. One person said not to read it because it was a book about a woman written by a male. Yep. I suddenly have a penis. You see, this person never bothered to look beyond the cover. They didn’t follow the link to Amazon and see not only the pen name listed but my real name as well. But, because they read the blurb on the page where the link was listed and saw “Sam Schall”, they just knew it had to be bad — and probably written by a white male deep into the patriarchy (okay, they didn’t quite say that last part but it was pretty clear).

Others hated the cover. That’s fine. That’s their right. The thing is, it does cue the genre and that is the important thing.

Then there was the one (or maybe two) who had a few words to say about how it is basically stupid to think there will be women in the military in fighting roles. Yep, they went there.

And here’s the thing. Each and every one of them were condemning the book without reading it. They were making judgments based solely on what they saw in the blurb and on the cover. Again, that’s their right. But it is also my right to point and laugh (or beat my head against the table).

This is the problem with the internet. Everyone feels they have a duty to speak their mind, whether their opinion is an informed one or not. I don’t mind the criticisms of those who at least tried to read the book. But when all they are doing is getting on their pet social or political horse because the blurb or cover doesn’t match what they think future reality (or reality today) should be, I just shake my head and wonder if they conduct all their lives like this.

Or, are they using social media to try to be relevant?

Anyway, that’s my rant. Here’s the announcement:

Not only is Battle Flight¬†currently on sale, but all volumes of the Honor & Duty series, are now available in print format. Amazon is currently catching up with the changes, so not all the new covers are showing (especially for a couple of the print versions). I’ll keep an eye on that and if they don’t make the switch by morning, I’ll touch base with them and find out what’s going on.

In the meantime, here are the new covers with links to the e-books (and you can find the print books from there. The only exception is Vengeance from Ashes which has yet to have the two versions linked together. Another thing on my list to take care of.)

Vengeance from Ashes
Honor & Duty 1

Duty from Ashes
Honor & Duty 2

Honor from Ashes
Honor & Duty 3

Fire from Ashes
Honor & Duty 4

Betrayal from Ashes
Honor & Duty 5

Each of these books, with the exception of Battle Flight and Betrayal, have new covers. Each have undergone new editing as well as formatting. Some of the changes are subtle. Others, not so much.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried the series yet, grab Battle Flightwhile it is still only $0.99

Until later!


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