A Cautionary Tale Follow-up

I have now basically lost two days of work because of the problems surrounding the publication of Honor from Ashes. I went through some of them this morning and was hopeful that things were going to get better. For a while, they did. However, over the course of the day, I have been in contact with Amazon, specifically with KDP, three times by phone, multiple times by e-mail, and the problem continues.

Here is the latest:

  • If you pre-ordered Honor from Ashes, you have to call Amazon to get the correct version of the book downloaded to your app or your reader. I have requested they push through the new download but it doesn’t appear that they have been doing so.
  • If you want to buy the book and you go to the product page, you may or may not get a notice that the book is not currently for sale and that the publisher has been contacted. Big wrong there. My last notification that there was a problem with the book occurred yesterday (April 18th at 0725 hrs). All other notices from Amazon since then have been emails in response to me contacting them.
  • I have been in contact with Amazon in the last half hour, only to learn that KDP tech support does not — apparently — work at night. So nothing can be done to correct a technical problem until tomorrow. So sorry, go to bed, silly author, and we will do something — maybe — to help you tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is costing me sales, author rankings and is frustrating to not only me but to everyone who has been trying to buy the book. I apologize and wish there was more I could do.

Right now, I am furious. If there was an alternative to Amazon that gave me the exposure and customer base Bezos and company does, I would go with it. I know, intellectually, this will be corrected. But the damage to this book will have been done and somehow I doubt Amazon will make any attempt to recompense me for my financial loss.

All I can do right now is ask you to bear with me and keep checking back. I will update here, in the comments at Mad Genius Club and on Facebook as things change.

To give an example of why this is so frustrating, in the time it has taken me to type up this short post, you can once again buy the book on Amazon, although the “under review” notice is still in place.

I pray for patience and hope this can be worked out tomorrow.

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