21 Days of Hell

I’ve been MIA for three weeks. I wish I could say it was because I was off having fun but the truth is far from that. Three weeks ago today (if my basic math skills serve me well), my almost 91-year-old mother fell at the house. We were fortunate. I was there, just not close enough to catch her. It was one of those missed by less than a hand’s width. But I wasn’t in time and she fell, landing awkwardly. We worried she’d broken her hip and that was the initial diagnosis. We were fortunate–in a way–that she didn’t break the hip. Instead, she broke the femur just below the ball joint. So, surgery the next morning. A pin put in and then the fun of hospital and rehab stays.

Oh, and the side trip for almost four days to the ICU because her blood pressure decided to give everyone coronaries by being too low. When the systolic doesn’t get out of the 60s, doctors tend to worry, not to mention daughters.

After that, she had one day on the floor before she was transferred to rehab. We were fortunate. The rehab unit was in the hospital itself, all we had to do was move down a couple of floors. There she spent the next two weeks plus. She came home yesterday and thus begins the new adventure of waiting for Home Health to get into gear, etc. Let me put it this way, It is now a quarter of 10 my time and the last two hours have been spent helping her with breakfast, meds, giving her an injection (a first for me), moving her from the den where we’d moved her earlier back to her bedroom. Then there was getting her cleaned up, dressed, into her recliner, more meds, taking to the hospital as it does a follow-up, etc. etc. etc.

Can I go to bed yet?

All of this has absolutely blown the release date for Designation: Frejya out of the water. The book is written. It has undergone edits. But I need to have a clear mind to go over the edits and make the final changes. I just don’t have the mindspace for it right now. So I delayed the book to October 10th. I swear this is the last time I do a long pre-order period. Every time I do, something happens.

Anyway, I apologize for the delay, but I don’t want to put out a half-done book, especially since I have a new copy editor I need to make sure is as good as I think she is.

For now, I need to make some more calls and take a closer look at her wheelchair to see if I can extend the legs any further than I have already.

Until later. I promise it won’t be another three weeks.

In the meantime, if you are a fan of the Jane Yellowrock series, check out Final Heir. It rocks and I am so sad it is the end of the series. Faith Hunter knocked it out of the park again.


The featured image is one I did using the Midjourney AI. It is also one FB stated goes against their community standards. Sheesh.


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