Who Decided Texas Needed To Join Winter?

Day two of single digit (and even negative digit) temperatures. Power outages continue well south of DFW. My son in San Antonio is on Day 2 of no power. They’re still saying it’s going to be Friday before we see temps above freezing. Thousands in the county are under a boil water order. I don’t do this sort of winter well. Fortunately, we laid in supplies and took precautions when it started looking like this was going to be our once every 25 years winter from hell.

Now the old lady cat, senile as she is, is sitting in the entry hall screaming at the snow piled on the outside sill. Not that I blame her. At least the sun is shining this morning. Not that it will cause much to melt–which is for the best because the last thing we need is more ice complicating matter.

In the meantime, life tries to go on. I blogged this morning at Mad Genius Club. Last night, I looked for images or image elements to redo some more covers to update them to current genre standards. Once I warm up after going outside to give the birds and squirrels some food, I’ll try to get some work done. That assumes the brain and toes thaw out some.

In the meantime, I need reading recommendations. Any suggestions?

Featured Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay


  1. What genre? In these times, I find myself going back and re-reading older books with happier endings, but those are in areas you may not be interested in.

  2. It feels a bit weird to be in MN in admittedly “it’s being FAR TOO Minnesota” weather with recently acquired backups… and not needing them… THIS TIME… and seeing so many where such measures should, one can be forgiven for believing, not be needed. This just has me wondering… do my backups need backups? And do those, too? (Yes, I know, the backup systems backup systems need backup systems, and then there are those emergency measures…)

    NOT rubbing anyone’s nose in it. I *KNOW* I’ve been mighty lucky…. so far.

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