Where has all the sanity gone?

As I sit here this morning, all I can do is shake my head as I check the news. In the background, Good Morning, America is playing. Local news is doing its best to spin last night’s election results and yet another click bait headline insinuates an influential male did something horribly horrible to a woman. Except, when you look deeper, nothing is as it seems and the only explanation possible is that the media is still doing its best to make the news instead of report it.

Let’s start with the easy one. I wrote about it yesterday at Mad Genius Club. BN’s CEO used his typical word salad and hand-wavium to try to explain away the company’s dismal holiday season report. Oh, he has plans too. Plans that will make the company viable again. Except they won’t. You don’t fire your full-time, loyal employees and then offer them the chance to re-apply for their jobs in a few months. Of course, those jobs will no longer be full-time. Nor will they have the benefits or seniority they once had. You don’t say you are going to improve the customer experience by decreasing the number of employees per store, especially when you take away those employees who knew the stock and who actually loved books. You don’t ignore the fact you only have two investment specialists sitting in on your announcement. I don’t know how long for the world BN might be, but it now looks very much like Borders did on its final swirl down the corporate toilet.

Then there was the clickbait headline the local ABC affiliate posted on their website. The headline read, “Report: woman accused Mark Cuban of sexual assault.” How many such headlines have we seen lately? Just change the name of the man and the city where the alleged assault took place. In this case, however, what truly pisses me off is that they bury the real information at the bottom of the post. Yes, a woman accused Cuban of assaulting her in 2011. Specifically, she accused him of penetrating her with his finger while they were posting for a picture in a bar in Portland. She even made a police report about it. However, what the article buries is the fact no charges were made. The prosecutor, when contacted, noted that not only was there no evidence to support the woman’s allegations, there was evidence contradicting it. But that didn’t matter to the news report. No, they then had to bring up that this allegation — which wasn’t brought to trial and which has been basically disproven — comes after other allegations of sexual harassment in the Mav’s front office. So you tell me, who is trying to frame the news and who cares little about wrecking the lives and ruining the reputations of people to do so?

Then there’s the way the pollsters and pundits — not to mention the media — called yesterday’s primary so wrong. For more than a week, we’ve been inundated with reports that many, many more Democratic voters were coming out for early voting than Republicans. We started hearing how this meant Texas would turn purple, if not blue in the next general election. Republicans had gotten too lazy or were too upset with Trump to come out to vote. Except that’s not what happened. As I note in this post over at Victory Girls, Republican voters far outpaced Democrats who turned out for the vote. While that doesn’t preclude the Dems gaining ground here in TX, it does prove the movement wasn’t as strong as the media tried to portray it. Not that they are admitting it this morning. The spin is already going and I have no idea how they manage to do it without getting sick. That is how fast they are spinning this.

Finally, we have the Bachelor. I don’t watch the show. In fact, I refer to it as trailer trash. But my mother and one of her best friends do watch it and discuss it. So, I get a running commentary whenever I’m too slow to get out of the room. Hell, this morning it is getting as much — if not more — airplay on GMA than the real news. And why? Because the former (?) race car driver bachelor proposed to one woman at the end of the show and, between filming and the “live” after-show last night, broke up with her, on camera in an ambush, and asked the other woman to marry him.

Now, I’ve never understood why, other than money and exposure, anyone would take part in a show like that. All this only confirms my opinion of it. The guy’s explanation for why he did what he did was because he felt pressured. Time was running out on the show. Wah-wah-wah. Oh, and he thought breaking up with the first woman on camera in an ambush (she thought he was coming to spend the weekend and supposedly had no idea there was any problem) was because he wanted everyone to know he was to blame. In other words, the only way he could think of to let us know he is a cad was to embarrass and ambush the woman. Riiiight.


It is all frigging insane.

I’m going to sit here in the corner, sipping my coffee, and keeping an eye out for the next bit of idiocy to happen. Until later!


  1. There are those times I look at humanity, well parts of it anyway, and just wonder. These are getting more frequent.

    1. Same here, Ox. Yesterday was one of those days. I found myself wondering why we were celebrating something that began as a socialist holiday. I wondered why women feel the need to have a day in their “honor”, especially knowing many of those crowing over the day would scream if there was a day to honor men. If you want equality, you don’t set yourself apart as being different, or in need of protection, from others.

      1. I’m sad and sorry to be the one to tell you this, but, it is not idiocy, nor is it insanity, except for the “like a fox” kinds. All the “idiotic insanity” is calculated to screw with our minds and demoralize us, as was explained by Yuri Bezmenov back in the 1980’s. It is weaponized psychology. It is very effective, as you can see, because they are winning and we will keep losing until we see their purposeful Machiavellian evil for what it is. With all due apologies to Machiavelli.

  2. I look at it as them trying to energize our culture by instigating a backlash.

    But then I’m literally a polyanna (as in the film of the same name) so.

    1. I’ll agree they are instigating backlash — of course, that’s not what they’re wanting. They want everyone else to sit still and meekly accept what their “betters” tell them.

  3. Amanda, you might do what I’ve done. A move put me outside the zone where an indoor antenna would give me TV coverage. It was either paying cable, installing a roof-top antenna or no TV at all.

    I adopted the last and I’ve had over five years without TV. Not missing it a bit. I’ve reached the point where I don’t even know what the shows are about… again to no loss.

    1. Michael, I’d happily cut the cord if Mom wasn’t in the house with me. As is, I spend much of the day without the TV on, music playing to match whatever I’m writing. Evenings is family time and we gather in the den. She watches TV and I usually game or read. I can usually tune out what she has on but not always, especially not if she is doing running commentary.

  4. This is why I don’t read any books (or watch any TV) produced after 1865. That’s when everything started to go downhill. Especially the TV.

  5. When emotional thinking walks in the door, sanity not only walks out, but jumps through the nearest window. I’m pretty sure that most of what ails us right now walks back to little more than that.

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