Where did Tuesday go?

Sorry for the silence yesterday. I wound up having to deal with some stuff I didn’t have on the schedule and it threw everything off. Something had to give and, unfortunately, it was the blog. On the good side, nothing was wrong, just too many things to do in too short of a span of time. But, hopefully, things are getting back to normal today. And that means I’m sitting here wondering what to blog about.

I’ll admit, part of me wants to blog about current events. Goodness knows, there are more than enough things to discuss between the withdrawal from Afghanistan to Covid to some really idiotic school decisions being made around the country to new laws that went into effect here in Texas today. The problem with all that is that’s not what this blog is for. That doesn’t mean I won’t on occasion wax political–as I did last week–but I try to keep it to a minimum here.

I could talk some more about the trials and tribulations of going wide as an indie author. But I think I’ll save that for MGC. I do want to thank you though. You’ve not only stuck with me these last few months as I’ve sometimes been close to losing my mind trying to juggle everything in this often maddening and frustrating venture. Because you did, the transition has been much smoother and much more profitable than expected. I have not missed the KU page reads and have seen an uptick in sales not only in the new sales channels but on Amazon as well. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

What else?

Not much. I’m finishing up the final tweaks and edits on Victory from Ashes. I really love this book and hope you do as well. Next up will be Danger Foretold (Eerie Side of the Tracks). At least I won’t be trying to go wide with my entire catalog at the same time I’m doing the bulk of the work on DF like I did with Victory.

Anyway, here’s another reminder that Victory comes out later this month.

Now it’s time to get to work. Until later!

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