Where did last week go?

It’s Monday morning after a week of Mondays. Not complaining. At least not much. After all, it could have been a lot worse. But it has impacted the writing and the publishing and all sorts of things relating to promotion. So, yes, there is a bit of angst in the question. That all takes a backseat to this morning, however. No, nothing with me except for being pissed with a contractor I recommended to elderly neighbors having taken advantage of them.

Hell, it could be the opening of a book. I don’t know yet if it will be a farce or a revenge tale.

To set the stage. The neighbors have had sprinkler system problems for some time. They finally called in a reputable company, one I have used before without problems and one who has a great reputation in the neighborhood. The tech came out last week and redid parts of their system, moved heads, replaced heads, the general bit. Then came time to test the system. Everything worked except one station that had been working and now didn’t. His response to the problem? Sell them a new control box that is much more tech intensive than they need. Then he refused to listen when they told him how long they wanted it programmed for or what days of the week. He did his own thing and left.

If I’d known the situation at that point, I’d have been on the phone to the company, raising hell. But I didn’t find out anything about it until 0720 this morning. The neighbor asked if I minded being there when the tech came back. He was due in 10 minutes. No problem. I had an hour before my own contractors (to replace the garage ceiling after it collapsed a week ago) arrived. 40 minutes later, the sprinkler tech had not arrived and had not called. I had a look at the new box and can figure it out but didn’t have time then and wanted to see if the tech ever shows up.

I left, after making the neighbors promise to call me if he didn’t show up and I would reprogram the system and test it myself. I also made them promise to call the office if he wasn’t there by 0830.

Guess what? I walked out to greet my own contractors and there, up the street, came the sprinkler guy. Finally. Now to wait to see what he has to say this time.

Here’s the thing. Few things upset me as much as taking advantage of children and the elderly. There was no reason he didn’t set the sprinkler up the way the customer wanted. There is no reason he left it in the off position instead of turning it onto automatic so it would run, especially since they have some new grass they are worried about losing. There is no reason to be almost an hour late without telling the customer what the hold up is.

Anyway, end of rant.

Now for the reminder. Foil of the Gods, book 3 of Sword of the Gods, is now available on Amazon. It will be out in print and on the other outlets this week sometime (contractors willing and nothing else happening). Here’s the blurb:

Evil has taken root in the Adrean Imperium. Soon it will rise up, destroying everything in its wake. If Balaar wins, the world will fall to a darkness the like of which it has never before seen.

Aimsir, to the west of the Imperium, is the birthplace of the Order of Arelion, enemy of Balaar. Cait Falconer—Knight-Cleric and heir to Queen Maeve Porgisl, ruler of Aimsir—knows danger draws near. Aimsir’s borders have been safeguarded but at a great cost. Now Cait and the Order work with the Queen and her military to make sure Aimsir never falls to the coming evil.

Then the unthinkable happens. Allies fall. Others become enemies. The followers of Balaar march inexplicably toward Aimsir. If it falls, all will be lost.

The final book in the series, tentatively titles Vengeance of the Gods, will be out the end of this year or early 2023.

And now I’m off to check with my own contractors (oh, another piece of sheetrock fell as I was outside with them earlier and almost hit me on the head. Not fun.) and then check with my neighbor to make sure they understand their system.

Until later.


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