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That thumping sound you hear is me. Yes, I’m pounding my head against my desk. I think I might have made a dent in the surface already. Yes, it’s going to be one of those days. I know there are ways around the problem but it shouldn’t be a problem in the first place. It wouldn’t be that difficult to add a line or two of code and everything would be okay. Sigh.


Guess I ought to start at the beginning. I wanted to set up Warbound Legacy for preorders this morning. It was the only major goal for the morning. Heck, it was so important I wrote it on my calendar. Unfortunately for my sanity–and my poor head–Amazon had other ideas.

For those not familiar with setting up a book for sale on Amazon, one of the options available is to set up a series page as well. It’s a wonderful tool and one I’ve utilized before. I knew you could add related titles to the series for things like short stories, prequels, etc. So I was wondering if you could add a new series but link it back to the original series, sort of like the “related to” aspect of a series page.

When I couldn’t find that option on the page, I did my homework. I went to the interwebs and searched without luck for an answer. That meant my next stop was KDP customer support. Mind you, that can be an exercise in frustration and futility much of the time. So I figured I was in for an even worse headache and raise my frustration level to critical mass.

I think you can guess the answer to my query. No, I can’t like a title to two different series. Even if all I want is to show that the new series is associated with the original series. That left me with trying to figure out the best way to make sure the readers know.

I can list the new books under the new series title without referencing the original series except, possibly, in the description. That would be the easiest, to be honest. You can read the new series without having read the original series. But, if you have, you will understand more about what’s happening and the motivations of some of the characters. Along this same line, I could add some text to the cover noting the series also takes place in the original series’ “universe”.

The other way is to simply list the new books under the original series but to add a subtitle on the cover that the new books take place after the events of the original series and is, basically, the start of a “new adventure”. The problem with this is that Amazon has been clamping down on allowed information in the “subtitle” section and who knows if their ‘bots would take offense to this or not.

It’s frustrating because it wouldn’t take much on their end to add the ability to link one series to another. For all I know, in a week they will do just that. In the meantime, I have to figure out what to do. So, I’ve been tinkering with the cover trying to come up with something that might work if I go with the second option. Here’s the before and after:


legacy cover

And here is the after:

I’m not happy with all the clutter text, so it will be tweaked if I go this way.

Why can’t the powers-that-be make things easy?

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  1. “Why can’t the powers-that-be make things easy?”

    Because they want you to know “how important they are”? [Crazy Grin]

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