When is a book a book?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself lately. It’s not usually an issue. More often than not, it is more a question of “what do you mean this isn’t the only book with these characters? I didn’t start out to write yet another series!” That is often followed by crying — by me — and gleeful laughter — from Myrtle the Muse. Yes, Myrtle the Muse loves to torture me.

Unfortunately, this time the book itself is the one doing the torturing, both to myself and to Myrtle. Skeletons in the Closet is that book. Now, what you have to understand is that this book has been different from every other one I’ve written. It has teased me and given me hints and fits for a couple of years now. It has taken more twists and turns than all the others put together. That is one reason why it isn’t one that has been written in one “sitting”.

Now it is presenting me with another quandary. What I’ve written so far will, after edits, come in around the 50k word mark. That is short, very short, for me. Up until now, I think the shortest novel I have put out is approximately 80k words. That is part of the uncertainty.

The other part is that I know this is only one part of Lexie’s story. Yes, in and of itself, it is complete. The peaks and valleys of the plot are there but the story, itself, isn’t over.

I could put it out as it is — after edits, of course. But then I would feel the need to charge less for it than I do for my other work. Sort of look at it as a loss leader and I’m having problems with that. You see, if you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a capitalist at heart.

I guess what this is all coming down to is this: I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. I am going to follow my initial plan of letting it sit for a couple of weeks while I do the edits on Honor from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 3). Maybe by the time I’m ready to come back to Skeletons, I’ll have made a decision about whether to finish writing the entire story arc or simply put this first “book” out at a discounted price.

In the meantime, I am going to go back to blogging every day. Weekends will be snippets and promotional posts. The rest of the time will be what the last few weeks have been, a mixture of writing related posts and current events and whatever the hell might strike my interest. That also means there will be days when there are multiple posts when, as my grandmother used to say, something gets my dander up.


  1. Erf, you seem to have run in to that terrible thing, The Incredible State of Almost. In this case, you almost have an idea of how things will go, but only almost. I can only imagine the frustration.

    Fwiw, when I try to reply with Vivaldi (Chrome derived) I get this:

    And if I click on ‘Advanced’ and try the ‘proceed anyway’ option (warning says nocturnal-lives.com isn’t proving it is indeed nocturnal-lives.com – is a certificate missing or amiss someplace? Do I need to whack Vivaldi upside the code or something?) I get that 404 page. ‘Tis odd.

    I am thus replying with Opera.

    1. That is odd. I’m wondering if it is a Chrome issue since Chrome has been doing odd things for a while now. I’ve had problems with sites I know are secure and others have reported having problems on even different sites. I haven’t seen any sort of rhyme or reason where the notice is concerned.

          1. Perhaps I need to submit a bug report to the Vivaldi folks as I do prefer it as my default browser. I was using Opera, but the marketing dept. took over and the engineers left and are no making… Vivaldi. Alas, V isn’t truly ready yet, and O is showing age.

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