When did Wednesday become Monday?

There’s a saying here in Texas that if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change. That has certainly been the truth the last two weeks. We’ve have ice, sleet, snow, near-summer temperatures and, overnight, torrential rains. I don’t want to know what’s next in the forecast. I really, really don’t.

This morning started early with thunder rolling overhead. We’re not talking a short clap followed by lightning and then rain. I timed some of the “rolls” at more than a minute each. And it went on and on and on. For what seemed like forever but was, in reality, at least half an hour. That made for unhappy dog and cat and unhappy hooman when I discovered minor flooding in the house.

That’s been cleaned up. Fans have been deployed and now I’m contemplating my second cup of coffee. The one good thing? Having to deal with something like this right away is a sure way to wake up both the brain and the body. Because of that, I’ve been looking at what I need to do not just today but going forward.

As you’ve seen the last couple of days, Myrtle the Evil Muse has finally decided it is time to start working again. Seriously, those of you who have had to deal with caring for an ailing family member know the toll it can take physically and mentally on you. I’ve been lucky and I know it. Mom’s fall and the aftermath could have been so much worse. But it did cause a major upheaval in the household and in how things are done. It takes time to work through those changes, make sure she is getting the care she needs and helping do everything I can to ensure she recovered as much as possible.

To say she has done much better than any of us expected is not an understatement. Thank goodness she is driven and determined and dedicated. Yes, we have had to change things and she has had to accept that there are things she will no longer be able to do. But we have workarounds and she has goals she is working toward. Her PT has her aiming for things we never thought she’d be able to do again.

Life is good.

Or at least much better than we’d dared hope for just a few months ago.

And that means I am now back to writing and editing and focusing on my career to a degree I haven’t been able to since August. Hence Myrtle jumping me with the new story. I’ve already posted two snippets this week and I will post a third on Friday. Going forward, I will post snippets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and blog a couple of other days a week. The goal is to get to blogging, or at least posting something, five days a week.

I want you to know how much I’ve appreciated the encouragement on the story I’ve been snippeting. There is a factor I have to keep in mind as I move forward with the story here on the blog. Most outlets, especially Amazon, have limits on how much can be publicly available on blogs, etc., once it goes up for sale on their storefronts. That means some of the snippets very well may disappear before the book is published (assuming it is). But that is a concern for later. For now, I’m having fun with it and I hope you’re enjoying the snips.

To give you a bit of a tease about what might happen, here are a few images I’m using for inspiration. The header image is also on my inspiration “board”.


Now, with it still raining, caffeine working its way through my system and a PT appointment for Mom on the horizon, it’s time for me to get to work. Until later, I’ll leave you with the images and your thoughts on what they might mean with regard to the story. (Yes, I’m evil. Bwahahaha)

Take care!


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