Well, the world hasn’t ended yet

A little housekeeping first. The next two weeks will see me head down in the final edits and prep of Light Magic for its scheduled release date of Feb. 6th. Because of that, I’ll be blogging here but there will be some reposting of past blogs or posting of snippets. Don’t worry, though. If anything breaks in the news about current events or the publishing industry that I feel moved to comment on, I will.

Today, I’m going to do my best to keep my temper under control. I’m a military mom. A proud military mom. My son is active duty and is a victim, like all members of our military and so many other federal employees, of the current political tug-of-war going on in DC. When are we, the voters, going to say “Enough!”?

It isn’t monetary concerns holding up the budget. It’s social concerns, namely DACA and related issues. Yes, those are important issues but not so important that we put the smooth running of our government — muchless the safety of our country — at risk.

Worse, Congress is getting paid during the shutdown. Sure, there are some who are refusing their pay or who are donating it to charity but shame on them for letting us get to this point. Shame especially on Pelosi who threw what basically amounted to a “shut down party“.

This “to hell with the Nation until we get what we want” attitude has to stop. Yes, we need intelligent immigration laws. That does not mean throwing the doors open to any and all without proper vetting. Nor does it mean simply giving a carte blanche approval for citizenship for people who have been here years, even decades, without taking steps to become citizens. They may have been here but they need to be vetted as well. Yes, the process can be streamlined but it shouldn’t disappear.

But this goes beyond that very important issue. The microscope of public scrutiny should be aimed at Dick Durbin, who came out of a private meeting at the White House and alleged Trump said the word “shithole” in connection with certain countries where immigrants come from. The media accepted his statements without batting an eye because it fit their narrative. It wasn’t until others started reminding folks that Durbin has a history about lying about what was said or done in private meetings. Even then, much of the media swept that part of the story under the rug. As far as they are concerned, the comment was made. They don’t even bother using hedge words like “allegedly” or “reportedly”. Nope, as far as they’re concerned, the President “said” it.

I’m tired of the bullshit. I’m tired of our military and others who are in government service/employ being held hostage by political hacks who are more worried about their pet issues than the welfare of this country. Pass the fucking budget and then worry about the rest of it. None of it’s going to matter if the country is shut down.

In the meantime, thank you, General Mattis.

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