This morning started much too early. It finally dawned on me, and this time it made sense, why the opening to Dagger of Elanna had been bothering me. So, I’ve been up since 0530 writing. I now have the rough opening section and, yes, it is a section to the book. I think it was yesterday’s post about Consistency that finally jogged the last of the correction out of the back brain where it had been percolating for the last month or so. Now I know what was bothering me and the solution to the problem feels right.

So, I have written several thousand words today already and have drunk more coffee than I should have. Yes, there actually is a limit to coffee without food that I can drink before the stomach starts rebelling. I’ve reached that point. So now I need to go in search of food.

The good news is that this change to the book won’t delay it’s release. I’ll be able to write the final draft fo the new section over the course of the rest of this week. From my notes and from what I’ve already drafted out, it doesn’t impact the rest of the story in any way except make it flow more smoothly from the last book to this one.

The way I look at it, it is also good because it gives me something to do tonight besides watch the debate. That has to be a good thing, right?

I’ll be back with a real blog post later today. In the meantime, food and maybe a short nap. Then it will be time to get back to work.


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