Wednesday Means An Update And More

Sorry for not getting back for a second post yesterday. Life was, well, life. It seemed everything decided it needed to be done NOW! and it wouldn’t take any excuses. Hopefully, today will be a bit more manageable.

In the ongoing battle with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the end is in sight. It’s not happening how I wanted it to, but at least it’s happening–assuming their check doesn’t bounce. Considering everything that’s happened, I’m not holding my breath.

For those who haven’t followed the battle, it’s really very simple. Back in October, I sent them notice via their online form that I would not be renewing my subscription in January. So you can imagine my surprise when, on Jan. 2nd, I got notice they’d charged me for a full year at a price that was multiples higher than I’d paid the years before. Yes, years. I immediately tried contacting them but it “was a holiday” and there would be no one available to take my call until the 4th. So I sent an email noting my earlier cancellation and asking for a refund. Over the next three weeks, I was in contact with them multiple times a week via phone and email. Each time, I was assured it would be issued immediately.

I finally had enough, filed a complaint with the BBB and emailed the paper’s editor. This was in week three. Gee, they started bending over backwards to “help” me. Except it was one excuse after another, ranging from they didn’t knw what was going on to my credit card company wouldn’t process the refund (Not the truth. The paper kept trying to charge me again.) To let them have another credit card number and they would refund it there. Nope, I’m not that stupid. To, “No, we can’t refund to your Paypal account because you didn’t pay through Paypal.” Crickets when I asked why that was so and yet they wanted another credit card number to refund there.

I lost it and started discussing not only challenging the charge on my card but taking legal action (using the “class action” tactic since it woulnd’t be hard to build a class based on their BBB reviews). Now they wanted to send me a paper check. Except it wouldn’t be authorized for a week becuase they only send out checks on Thursdays. Oh, and at the same time they’re telling the BBB they refunded my money on Jan 2nd.


I responded with a full description of our correspondence and noted I did NOT accept the paper’s response.

Then, I get notice Monday of this week they’d sent the check a week earlier–before I authorized them to send a check because I was fucking tired of dealing with them. What the right hand of the paper didn’t know is the left hand sent me a screen cap of the authorization, complete with the date–which was 4 days after they told the BBB the check had been sent.

The check finally arrived late Monday. I deposited it yesterday. Now to see if it actually clears.

And, no, I’m not clearing the complaint with the BBB until it does.

That was just part of my day yesterday and, honestly, it was the easiest to deal with. Even so, I managed to get close to 1500 words written by the end of day. I’m nearing the finish line with Jaguar Rising and am really loving where the story is going. It’s tying up some loose ends from the original series and nicely bridging into the next story arc. Panther Dawn will be the first title in that series. The new series name (which will also note it is part of the Nocturnal Lives universe) is Shifter’s Justice. Here’s a quick mockup of the cover I did while on one of my many phone calls yesterday.

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