I’m not going to hit you over the head with political spiels. That’s for another blog. But I am going to say vote if you haven’t already. This is the one way–the only way–to insure your voice has been heard. If you are eligible to vote and you don’t, then don’t bitch and moan over the next four years because things didn’t go the way you wanted. If you did or will vote, then make sure you don’t do anything to invalidate your vote.

Our Republic is founded on the idea that we, the People, get the final say in who sits in government. But over the years, it has been the few deciding for the many. Too many people stay home and think their vote won’t count. That is a trap. Don’t fall for it.

Thank whatever diety you look to that we live in a country where we can still vote and have a say on what our government does. Look at the canidates and the issues. Which ones are for continuing our freedoms with the least amount of government interference? Which ones are more determined to work for your best interests and the best interests of their constituency and which ones are more interested in building a power base?

Get up tomorrow and go to the polls if you haven’t already voted. Vote your conscience, vote your principles and vote for the candidates who will be best for this country, not just in the short term but in the long.



  1. The problem is when there are primarily two losers and NO “lesser of two evils”. That was the choice in 2016 between an un-indicted murderess and a buffoon. Fortunately election day that year fell on my wife’s birthday so I wrote in her name for President. This year the choice is between the buffoon and a plagiarist with on-set senility, so I opted to vote for the other “Joe”, Jo Jorgensen.

  2. I remember Heinlein’s advice.

    If you can’t vote “for” somebody, vote “against” somebody.

    I voted “against” somebody in 2016 but this time I’ll be voting “for” somebody.

    Of course, IMO part of voting “against” somebody is voting for somebody who has a chance of defeating the person that you’re “against”.

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