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This will be the short version. For the longer version of how I got here, check out this morning’s Substack post. Basically, I spent much of yesterday after posting here trying to figure out the best way to list Warbound Legacy on Amazon so that readers would know it is part of the Honor & Duty universe but that it isn’t part of the main plot arc that ran for the 8 or so books of the main series.

As I said, long story short and several phone calls, lots of research, some hair pulling and cursing, I finally came to a decision and got the okay from Amazon that it doesn’t violate some obscure rule.

Going forward, Warbound Legacy will have a subtitle of Betrayal Among the Stars, which was supposed to be the title of the new series. It means that when you look for the book on Amazon, it will show up as “Warbound Legacy: Betrayal Among the Stars”. It will be the next book in the Honor & Duty series. That keeps all the related books together. As I said, it isn’t optimal, but it is the best workaround until Amazon lets us link one series to another.

The cover also went through several iterations as I worked through this near-debacle. Here’s the latest. There will be a few tweaks, but this will give you the idea.

I will be setting it up for preorders today or tomorrow. I will announce when it goes live and what the release date is the first of next week, if not sooner. Now, to make sure the screen caps I’ve made of all my correspondence and chats with the various folks involved are safely stored away.

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