Update to This Morning’s Post

Welp, Amazon strikes again. I got the email saying the pre-order was live after I changed the release date. Twice. Both times, the date remained the same. Two more calls to Amazon. Two more different stories. It comes down to they know there is an issue with the countdown timer for writers who put a manuscript up for pre-order. They know and they have yet to fix the issue. Because I had already delayed the release by a week due to real life reasons, I couldn’t do so again even though I’d gotten approval from the first guy. Seems Amazon is like FB. Bots rule. In this case, their people can’t override the bots. Whee! Not.

So here are my choices. I can cancel the pre-order and piss off those who have ordered the book and who have been patiently waiting. Oh, and I will lose my right to list anything else for pre-order for a year. Oh, they might waive that for me if I ask really nicely. Ask me how much I’m willing to take their word for that right now.

My second choice was offered by a supposed supervisor. I could go ahead and upload the manuscript and cover as they are. Meet the deadline set by the erroneous timer. Then I can upload the files I really want my readers to get once the book goes live. Which means anywhere from two hours after the book goes live to two days, they might get the new files pushed through. Might because we’re going to rely on bots again.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go ahead and upload the files as they are. I have a few hours to try to light a fire under everyone and maybe I’ll get the correct file. I’m not holding my breath. I will have the correct files ready to upload at Midnight GMT on June 3rd. In the meantime, I am escalating this up the chain at Amazon. It probably won’t do anything, but at least it may help the frigging migraine I now have.

Oh, and there will be a big ass note at the end of the book telling everyone to check for the updated version the day of release.

For those of you who have ordered the book. You will get the complete book one way or the other. This has taught me a lesson. I am going to figure out the best way to sell direct off my site. With the way things are going right now with BN and some of the other storefronts and with Amazon no longer being as easy to work with as it once was, I want more control.

Yes, I am pissed.

Just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. I’ll keep you posted.

BTW, this was not how I wanted to spend today.


  1. Note, if that A-Bomb blast (at top of page) was Amanda losing her temper, then Don’t Get Amanda Angry. 😉

    Take Care Amanda.

    1. That is only a small indication of how angry I am right now, Paul. And thanks. Now t see what I can do without getting myself kicked off the platform. Sigh.

    1. They have their own set of issues, Wolfie. I’ll deal with this and then take time I don’t have to set up the webstore here. I’ll still offer elsewhere but I won’t be tied to them as much.

  2. That sounds dreadful, Amanda. I am sorry you had to go through all that.

    One of my regular customers offers pre-orders frequently so I will ask her if she’s had any issues. If not, that will at least give me some idea as to when this happened. If you want, I can let you know – if I hear anything – as to when this issue cropped up.

    There also is a Facebook group called “Wide for the Win” that you may enjoy if you’re not already a member. They discuss strategies and will talk about almost anything except KDP Select as they feel that’s been done to death already. (If Amazon continues to act like this, I think they may well be correct.)

    1. I’m in there, Barb, and even posted about it. KDP has been experiencing a number of issues, more since Bezos stepped down than before, imo. I’ve seen some of them listed there as well as elsewhere. I’m not happy, but I have the final file ready to go one minute after the book goes live. All I have to do is not fall asleep before that happens.

      1. Good for you. Bad for KDP and even worse for Amazon and its bots.

        Making extra work for you should not be a feature for Amazon. That they know about it and do nothing is what bothers me most.

        You’re an excellent writer and person and should not have to deal with this crap.

          1. You’re welcome, Amanda. You’ve always been a person of great worth, IMHO, and have helped I don’t know how many fledgling authors. You deserve better than this.

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