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Let’s face it. Life’s been tough for many of us the last few years. I knew it had thrown me for a loop or three but, until recently, I didn’t realize just how much. This past month or so, it’s been like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Better yet, that light is getting brighter. (Of course, me being me, I’m hoping that’s a good sign and not an indication I’m about to walk into the middle of a nuclear blast or something similar. VBG) So here’s a long overdue update and a few random thoughts.

Surtr’s Fury is almost to the point where I’m ready to upload it for sale. I’ve done major–and I do mean major–rewrites on it since I last blogged about it here. I won’t lie. When the “writer brain” started working again, I was a little concerned (okay, a lot concerned) at some of what I wrote. It’s not that it was bad, just that the draft wasn’t what I’m used to putting out. So, drafts were printed out, red pencils were used, and now it is winging its way to the final editor. Hopefully, in about two to three weeks, it will be going live.

Something else I’ve done is start taking a hard look at my numbers on each of the market places. I’ve been wide for a couple of years now and, at first, it was great. But the numbers don’t lie. Amazon is still my primary marketplace. Without spending a great deal of time on promotion, the others just weren’t paying off the way I wanted. So, as of this week, I’ve taken two series off wide distribution and returned them to Kindle Unlimited. Those two series are Honor & Duty and Sword of the Gods. I’m going to watch the rest of the titles for another month or so before deciding what to do with them.

So, if you haven’t read either of those series, check them out on KU.

And now for the random thought(s).

This comes about after having read a post on my local neighborhood book of faces group. It seems we have a candidate for mayor who is using shock value and humor (if you want to call it that) to get his name out there. In this instance, someone was asking about a campaign sign they’d seen in front of a local gas station. Basically, it showed a cartoonish picture of a very overly buff man with a bull dog head. The caption was something to the effect of “Vote for Big Juicy and get big balls”. I’m paraphrasing because I can’t find the post right now.

Anyway, as you can expect, there was much head scratching and “huh?” going on in the thread. I’ll admit, the image is funny, but is that what we need running our city?

What came out of the initial post was a very good discussion on getting out to vote. One of the commenters is, along with his wife, a Navy vet and between them they have over 40 years in the service. Another is of Native American ancestry and very proud of it. The first urged everyone to vote because that is something so many men and women have sacrificed for over the history of our nation. He reminded folks about the dismal voter turnout our city has historically had, especially for city only elections. The other voice her pride in being able to vote, giving everyone a history lesson on how her ancestors didn’t have that right until after after 1900. It is a right she is proud of, one she respects, and one she exercises every time there is an election. She called out those her own age who don’t vote and who then spend the next 2 to 4 years bitching and moaning about the state of our city/county/state/country.

Pissing and moaning about how things are going here, not just locally but nationally, has become a national pastime. However, a large number of those bitching did not vote. They couldn’t be bothered to give up half an hour or so to go out during early voting or to show up on the actual Election Day to cast a ballot. Then they whine because things didn’t go the way they wanted.

Don’t be one of those people. Register to vote. Then get up out of your chair and actually cast a ballot.

If you’re worried about the integrity of the election process, volunteer to be a poll watcher. Become active with your locally preferred political party and help police it as well as the other side(s). In other words, DO SOMETHING.

Okay, stepping off my soapbox now. I have book edits to finish.

For those of you who have subscribed to my Substack, I’m going to try something new there to get it active. I’m going to take one of my current WIPs–yes, there are several and that’s been part of the problem as well. Too many pans on the fire, making it very difficult to focus on one–and post it in real time. I’m going to start it as a public post and then it will go behind the paywall after a month or so. I’m still figuring out the frequency of those posts, but probably no more than two a week, but more likely once a week. I’ll update here when I have that figured out. So look for an announcement next week.

And, yes, the writer brain is back. Butt is in chair and I have found a schedule that works with the other demands on my life right now. It’s taken time, but it is working and I’m not going to rock the boat while it does.

Until later.

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