‘Twas the Day After Christmas

And it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Things here were quiet but nice and I’m learning the joys of having a new Nespresso machine. Yes, coffee, like cats or dogs–or both–are mandatory for writers to exist. At least this writer.

One of the things I did over the weekend was try to figure out a realistic publishing schedule for the upcoming year. The last few months have taught me the changes in the household mean a change in how much time I have to dedicate to writing and all the various things associated with it. Because of that, I’m having to take a hard look at what I can do without killing myself. The goal is going to be three books this year, maybe four. But I’m not going to push it. I can’t and keep up with everything else I have to do.

Of course, Myrtle the Evil Muse may have something to say about it all.

Something else I want to do is make new covers for at least two series. One is because the image elements being used are becoming too popular with other indies. Then there’s the fact they really don’t hit “genre” any longer, not like I want them to.

The good thing is my brain is finally back into work mode. So, starting today, I’m going to “work” each morning. Still, there’s a complication. You knew there had to be. But this is a fun one and is temporary. We’re once again cat sitting our friends’ Siamese cats. They’re great cats but they have decided my desk is theirs, at least when I’m trying to work. I’m learning–again–to wait for them to go into my room or Mom’s for their morning naps before heading to the office. If I’m very, very quiet and very, very lucky, I can get a couple of hours work done before they realize where I am.

Fingers crossed.

Since I was talking about doing some new covers, here’s what I’m using as inspiration for a new cover for Fire Striker and its sequel. It is by no means complete or perfect. As I said, it is for inspiration. I need to add some elements to it, including the fire dragon and/or one of Morgan’s other animal aspects. This is something I pulled together using Midjourney AI this morning.

I have a better background as well. So I will be merging elements into a single image after editing and cleaning them up. This will probably become part of the new Fire Striker cover. If that works, I’ll pull together the cover for the sequel using similar–but different–elements.

For now, I need to find food, maybe another cup of coffee–did I say I love my new Nespresso machine?–and then it’s to work, to work. Until later. Stay safe. Stay warm and if you are one of the lucky ones to still be on vacation/holiday, enjoy.

All images, including “Comical Santa the day after Christmas” created using Midjourney AI.




  1. Off topic but, I’ll be purchasing all of your books from KoboBooks now.

    Amazon has “decreed” that all older Kindle-For-PC software can’t download their older Kindle Formats.

    You need to use the updated software which will only download their newest Kindle Formats which can’t be converted to epub format by Calibre.

    Bummer. 🙁

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