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Thanks to everyone here and elsewhere who crossed fingers and toes that TuggerCat was all right. I’ll admit, the little bugger had me more than a bit worried night before last and much of yesterday. Note the past tense because the only thing I’m worried about where he’s concerned right now is that I don’t kill him because he is back to being constantly under foot–and that is a relief.

Seriously, he seems to have snapped back. By last night, he was back to his usual behavior and didn’t go hide like he had night before last. He even played, not only with me but with BratCat and even BentleyDog.

If that wasn’t enough to reassure me, the fact he went to bed with me–and did his best to keep me up much longer than I wanted to be just so I could love on him–was.

As was the thump and then bump when he returned to my bed at 0100 hrs for more loving.

Or at 0430 when he did the same.

In other words, life is back to normal, at least where the Tug is concerned.

What else?

I will be putting Warbound Legacy up for preorder later today or tomorrow. It will show up on Amazon some time after that. I never know if the ‘Zon will take a page live in a couple of hours or days–or weeks. Something that was driven home last night when it finally confirmed Honor from Ashes was back in KU even though I’d moved it over weeks ago. Needless to say, I’m checking the other titles I moved back to KU to make sure they’ve been activated.

And whew, all of the Honor & Duty series is listed in KU. I’ll check the other books later.

What else?

If you’re a subscriber to my Substack, you should have already received notice that another snipped from Warbound Legacy has gone live this morning. Check it out.

Until later!


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