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TGIF. Thank God it’s Friday. I remember being an office drone and almost crying with relief at the mere sound of the term. Now I’m my own boss and it doesn’t have quite the same ring. Still, weekends are a special time, but only if you make them so.

How am I going to make this weekend special?

Good question. I’ll begin by admitting only part of the weekend will be “special”. The rest will be rather mundane, filled with doing some work around the house, studying for a class I’m taking (why or why did I decided to go back to “school”?) and finishing up the edits on Risen from Ashes.

For the special, I’m going to “An Evening with C.S. Lewis” at the Wyly Theater with some friends. We’ll grab either lunch before or dinner after and a good time will be had by all. I’m looking forward to it because I’ve missed the last couple of theater outings due to either family or work obligations.

For the rest of it, well, nothing special there. Except. . .  I get some of my best worldbuilding and plotting done when doing chores. If it’s not raining (no guarantee this weekend) and not too cold, I’ll do some work in the yard. That’s what I’m hoping for because I need some time where I can do manual labor and let my mind go wild. Of course, doing so give Myrtle the Evil Muse a chance to attack me with new story ideas.

Maybe I don’t want to work outside after all.  VBG

What else? (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m seriously under-caffeinated. Even so, TGiF.)

The updates to this site and to my main site continue. I’m down to the final tweaking (fingers crossed). I have started an “author page” on Facebook. It’s not something I planned on but, thanks to the so-called “improvements” Facebook and WordPress have implements, I had no choice. It was start a page or not be able to link over to FB from here.

You can find my new FB author page here. I’d appreciate a “like”. I promise I won’t inundate you with ads or pleas to buy my book, etc. Although the latter would be nice 😉 Posts will be kept to one or two a day. I’ll link to the blog over there and keep you updated on my release schedule, etc.

And yes, I’m still tweaking that page as well.

Have I said that I hate adulting?

So, what do you have planned for your TGif?

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  1. Plans? Ha! I’m exhausted just from reading your plans! I think I’ll put my feet up and read another book on Appalachian folklore.

    1. I love days like that. The only reason I’m looking forward to actually doing something like physical labor is I’ve been sick as a dog for the better part of a week and have cabin fever.

  2. My Friday *plan* involved rye, or maybe some Fernet (Branca, Menta) but due to weather (of the January MN variety…) it became Yukon Jack. Nothing *wrong* with it… but decidedly not on MY “A” list.

    Now it’s late Saturday morning and the snow has ceased, but the wind… oh, the wind. With more wind.

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