On taxes and double standards

I hadn’t planned to do a political post this morning. But, dayum, it’s impossible not to when looking at how some folks are losing their heads — still — over Donald Trump sitting in the White House. I blogged  at Victory Girls about some of the ways the President has successfully become the “un-Obama”, undoing a number of the previous Administrations progressive (I’d use a different word)policies that had negative impact on our country. Now, more than a year into Trump’s term, it is becoming clear that the new tax plan is helping more than just big business and the rich. It is also becoming obvious that liberals love themselves a double-standard.

Let’s deal with the double-standard first. Last year, the media, not to mention members of the Democratic Party, went ape-shit when Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr interrupted Sen. Kamala Harris during questioning of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The offending comment? “Senators, we’ll allow the chair to control the hearing. Sen. Harris, let him answer the question.”

Oh the horror! Twice in a week, the senator was “interrupted” when she continued to badger Sessions. She was stopped because she wouldn’t let the attorney general answer the questions put to him. But how dare a man (gasp!), much less a Republican (double gasp!) tell Harris to allow someone to answer the questions put to him.

Fast-forward to yesterday. Democratic Senator Cory Booker lost his shit during a  Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. The target of his ire? Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen. He “seethed” with anger as he berated Nielsen. But do we see the same level of outrage about his behavior as we did about Burr’s interrupting of Harris? Not only no, but hell no. The media merely reported what happened, focusing on how upset Booker was about the current Administration’s immigration policies and a statement President Trump may, or may not, have said. There’s no uproar over a man daring to try to verbally intimidate a woman. In fact, the usual suspects in Hollyweird (yes, I’m looking at you, Alyssa Milano) applaud Booker and say a woman in a position of power should be able to handle herself in such a situation. If that’s the case, why were they so fucking upset over Harris being politely asked to let the AG answer the questions put to him?

( AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Double-standard much? And yet they want us to take them seriously. It’s hard to do with they refuse to apply the same rules of behavior to themselves they demand the rest of us live up to. So, nope, not gonna happen.

Then there’s the outrage of the new tax laws. I’m still waiting for someone to convince me that the law is bad for everyone except the rich and big business. It’s hard to take the law’s detractors seriously when news keeps breaking about how companies are reinvesting their “windfalls” in the business and in their employees. Walmart is raising its minimum wage and giving current employees a bonus. Oncor, which delivers electricity to most of those in North Texas, will be returning its entire — yes, ENTIRE — windfall to its customers. Other companies have announced plans to invest in new training and equipment, not to mention bonuses for their employees. But, to hear the other side discuss the tax changes, it is going to be bad for the common man. I’m not seeing it. Are you?

Better yet, the Administration’s determination to limit tax increases is trickling down to the state level. Here in Texas, Gov. Abbott is pushing for a change in state law that would limit “annual revenue growth of cities, school districts, counties and other local taxing jurisdictions at 2.5 percent.” The short version means local government and taxing entities will be prevented from continuing their push to increase local taxes at unchecked rates. Will it impact the income of local entities? Hell, yes. But it also means they will have to take a hard look at their budgets and cut out the fat.

I’m lucky when it comes to where I live. Our city council has been responsive to the citizens and has done its best to keep its budget under control. I don’t always agree with everything they do but they have managed to withstand a tax rollback election that led to the shuttering of our library for a while as well as the major recreational area in town. Both have since reopened. But then I look at my taxes for the school district and community college district and hospital district, etc., and wonder where the accountability is for some of them.

Looking at all that, I find it hard to see how this first year of Trump’s presidency has been bad for the country or for me personally and I’m not a great fan of Trump the man. Of course, I love the fact we have “Mad Dog” Mattis as SedDef. After eight years of the world knowing it has nothing to worry about where we were concerned because Obama made it clear he cared more about appeasing the enemy than helping our allies, it’s nice to have an Administration not afraid to stand up for the country.



  1. 1. Income Taxes – my left leaning friends keep complaining about how the new tax plan primarily (in some cases they say only) benefits the rich. I’m not sure how they can delude themselves so much.
    a. Most people will benefit directly from a lower tax rate and a higher standard deduction.
    b. People not paying in to begin with shouldn’t be expecting to get more money back.
    c. The rich are the ones paying the vast majority of income taxes, so wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect that they also will receive the vast majority of the tax break?

    2. Local taxes – “…community college district and hospital district…” Huh? I’m glad I live in the boonies sometimes. OK, what the coasts consider the boonies. Flyover country considers it a nice sized town. We don’t have any community colleges, and our hospitals are privately funded.

    3. I had something for #3, but I lost my train of thought. Getting old sucks.

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