It is not your job to indoctrinate my children

The wonderful Dave Freer has a post up at Mad Genius Club this morning about an online encounter he had with a librarian. It seems this woman really loves her job, at least that is what she kept telling him. For a moment, I was excited to read that there was a librarian somewhere who did still love what she was doing. There are times when I feel that is as rare […]

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What a Novel Idea

(Cross-posted from Mad Genius Club) Time has now past to register for Sasquan in order to take part in the nomination and voting for the different Hugo Award categories. That means it is time to grab your snack and drink of preference and sit back to watch as certain heads start exploding because — gasp — Sad Puppies didn’t go away like they thought it would. Instead, Brad Torgersen has taken up the […]

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Special Types of Entitled by Kate Paulk (reposted from ATH)

(this is a repost from According to Hoyt) SPECIAL TYPES OF ENTITLED – KATE PAULK Apparently kicking back at the idiocy of the Social Justice Warriors brings the really special entitled ones crawling out from under whichever rock they were hiding under. That or there’s just something in the air at the moment. Or maybe the water. The first round of really special entitlement came from According to Hoyt on Saturday’s post, […]

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Thank you, Mark Cuban, for at least being honest

Which is more than I can say for a lot of folks recently. This morning, I was talking with my 80+ year old mother when the topic of Mark Cuban came up. More specifically, his comments the other day about how if he saw a black kid in a hoodie late at night, he would move to the other side of the street. He went on to say if he then saw […]

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Grow up and quit whining

Warning here — and I hate trigger warnings — but I’m coming off of a bout of food poisoning so I’m tired, sore and out of sorts. But that’s my problem. The trigger warning (and, gah, I hate that term) is simple: if you are one of those whining about the outcome of the Hugo nominations, then you probably don’t want to read this. Why? Because I’m tired of your whining. I’m […]

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