The title says it all. Not that I’m taking the weekend off. There’s remodeling of the bathroom to do and writing — lots of writing — and somewhere along the line, I’d like to sleep. But it’s Friday and that has to count for something. Right? So, let’s get a little housekeeping out of the way before I forget it. Battle Wounds, the next short story in the Honor and Duty series, […]

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Weekend Reading

As you can see, the blog (and eventually the related sites) is undergoing some changes. But that doesn’t mean I am willing to give up my weekend reading. What I did earlier was ask some trusted friends to send me reading recommendations. The only proviso was they had to have read the book. Here are a few of the titles they suggested. From D. Jason Fleming, I received these two recommendations: Through […]

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Getting back in the swing of things — slowly

After finishing a project, it usually takes me a week or so to catch up on things like sleep, cleaning, etc. That’s been true this time as well. Of course, Dagger of Elanna (Sword of the Gods Book 2) isn’t quite finished as a project. I still have the print version to finish putting together. But that is something I can do while working on the next project, Nocturnal Rebellion. Better yet, I […]

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Halloween Reads and More, pt. 4

I’m expanding the list this morning to include a couple of my favorite Halloween movies. As with the books, there will be some scares as well as some laughs. Hope you enjoy. Let’s start with the movies. Halloween (This is the original movie, directed by John Carpenter and staring Jamie Lee Curtis. It was, if I remember correctly, Curtis’ first starring role and lead to her being dubbed the Scream Queen. It’s […]

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Halloween Reads, Pt. 2

Yesterday, I posted links to some Halloween reads I’ve enjoyed, as well as a couple of my own. I’m going to continue doing so through Halloween. I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did. Some may be funny, some mysterious and some spooky. But all have stories I enjoyed. ConFur (The Vampire Con Series) by Kate Paulk A vampire at a science fiction convention might not seem that far-fetched […]

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Third Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

*Updated with a new title. Many thanks to the wonderful Amie Gibbons for wrangling this this year. If you haven’t read any of her books yet, please do. She writes fun and interesting UF. It’s that time of year again. The kiddies are back in school, vacations have been vacationed, the season of burned skin is over, and people are getting back into their usual routines. And you know what that means. The Third […]

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The opening sequence of a novel has always been the hardest part for me. Oh, I know what I want to say — or at least I think I do — but somehow when I sit down at the keyboard, it just doesn’t come. There will be fits and starts before I finally get it. That may take days or, in some cases, even weeks before I have an opening I’m satisfied […]

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Indie Author Beginning of Summer Sale

Need something new to read for the long weekend? Looking for a new series to start or want to discover a new author? Check out the following e-books. Of course, the standard disclaimer applies. Always check the price before clicking the purchase button. Some of these books are already on sale and others will go on sale over the next 24 hours. (Updated to include two new titles.)   *** Stardogs By […]

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Monday Morning — Ouch!

I am doing my best to be good when it comes to the blog this morning. Good in that I am blogging. Good in that I am trying to keep it short because I have a ton of work to get through today. Good in that my friends Sarah A. Hoyt and Dave Freer have done much better jobs than I can in discussing the attacks on Kate Paulk and the fans […]

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An update, a few thoughts and a little promo

Although not necessarily in that order. Yesterday really got away from me. To start, I had two blog posts up. One at Mad Genius Club and one over at According to Hoyt. Whenever I wind up blogging on the same day at both sites, I figure any controversy will arise at ATH. That is where I can talk about things non-publishing related. Yesterday was no different. I wrote about my experiences travelling […]

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