On Amazon, Clinton and Reviews

I’ve made no secret of how I feel about Hillary Clinton’s latest book being published on 9/12. I’m not a fan of Clinton to begin with. But for her to have a book come out on the anniversary of the Benghazi attack went beyond the pale. I don’t care if it was her decision or her publisher’s. It was too much. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is […]

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Random Thoughts

A couple of things caught my eye this morning as I was drinking my first cup of coffee and scanning headlines and social media. The first is that I am really, REALLY glad I don’t have to be on I-30 this morning in Arlington. Traffic is never fun during rush hour but this morning it is much worse than usual. Several hours ago, police began a slow speed chase in Hunt County […]

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A Review and a Few Thoughts

First of all, apologies for not getting back to the blog yesterday — and for whatever the heck happened to the theme selection. Somehow, even though I pressed the “activate” button, it didn’t happen and instead of the blog reverting to the current theme, it stayed with a theme I was considering, one that does NOT accept the header size it tells you it needs. So, for close to a day, I […]

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Writing and editing and reviews, oh my!

I am head down, butt in chair busily working on the final edits for Honor from Ashes (Honor and Duty Book 3). As I’ve noted before, I had planned for this third book to be the end of not necessarily the series but this story arc. Of course, with my muse being evil, the plan changed and there will be one more book in this particular arc. What happens after that waits […]

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Update to question about “verified purchase” for Amazon review purposes

I just received the following response to my question about whether those who download a book through the Kindle Unlimited program would be listed as a “verified purchase” for review purposes. Hi, I hope this email finds you well! I see you’d like to know if KOLL/KU sales are allowed to leave reviews. Yes, basically, all readers that bought your book from Amazon will be considered as verified purchases and will be allowed to […]

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Information requested

I have sent an email to Amazon, specifically to the KDP side of things, asking whether or not titles downloaded as part of the Kindle Unlimited program count as verified purchases. When KU first began, I asked the question and was told by one CSR that they did not and by another tat they did. I left it with that confusion because, at that time, it didn’t really matter. But with Amazon’s […]

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Jason Cordova takes one for the team

Jason Cordova is a friend, author and reviewer. He is also one of the rotating Friday posters over at Mad Genius Club. Last night, during a FB conversation where a bunch of us were discussing an author behaving badly, I “offered” — threat might be a more appropriate term — to buy the book just so Jason could review it. Well, he took me up on my offer and he may never […]

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How to write a review

Yes, yes, I know Cedar Sanderson and I did a bit about this on Mad Genius Club Sunday but something came up this morning that drove the point home again. So, I’m going to point everyone back to the original post on MGC and the expound some more. For those who don’t know Cedar, she is a wonderful newish author and one of my co-bloggers at MGC. She just released the second […]

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How to react to reader comments

My first thought whenever I see an author responding to a reader’s comments is “why?” The reason is because most of the responses I see, for whatever reason, consist of the author either berating the reader or digging a hole as they try to explain why they did or did not do something in the book. The latest one involved an author who was not just upset but royally PO’d because a […]

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Quit whining when you get caught breaking the rules

Almost every author who has ever considered going indie, every small press that has weighed the different options of getting e-book titles to the public has read any number of terms of use documents. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords and others all have their own set of rules that have to be followed. The rules deal with what sort of files you need to upload, what royalty rates are and […]

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