Customer Service Fail

This isn’t the post I’d planned for this morning. That one would come later. This is a rant. I spent too many years working jobs where I had to deal with the public on a regular basis. I understood when I did that I represented not only myself but my employer. So, no matter how bad my day might have been, I did my best to show a good face to the […]

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Those poor kids

There are days I find myself praying this has all been a bad dream. Between the changes in schools where it is more important to make sure our children feel good about themselves than it is to make sure they learn the curriculum to political derangement syndrome (because it exists on both sides of the aisle), I find myself wondering what happened. What happened to the Can Do! spirit of the “Greatest Generation”? […]

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There are times when all I can do is ask “why?”  Well, to be honest, it’s usually, “WTF were you thinking?” or “WTF, did you think?  Do you even know how?”  This morning has been one of those days already. My usual routine in the mornings is to stumble to the coffee pot — thank goodness for auto-timers so the coffee is ready when I get up — down a mug of […]

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