Another Title Discount

Good morning, all. Let’s get started with another sale announcement. I’ve lowered the price of Hunted to $0.99. When Meg Finley’s parents died, the authorities classified it as a double suicide. Alone, hurting and suddenly the object of the clan’s alpha’s desire, her life was a nightmare. He didn’t care that she was grieving any more than he cared that she was only fifteen. So she’d run and she’d been running ever […]

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This is going to be a short post today. Over the weekend, I had a long talk with myself and one of the things I need to do is take care of business. In this case, it means more than writing, although that’s a big part of it. I need to go back and check my sales trends for the last quarter, six months and year. If adjustments need to be made, […]

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Freebies and an update

Here’s hoping everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Mine was made especially good because my son was home for Christmas for the first time in three years. Now, however, it is time to get back down to work and get busy and back on schedule — at least for me. So, to start, I have three books set for free through tomorrow. Hunted (Hunter’s Moon Book 1) When Meg Finley’s parents […]

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Something to keep your mind occupied

This morning, when I turned on the news, one of the local medical reporters was talking about how everyone’s stress level was going to be up today. Her suggestion was to find something to do, something you enjoyed, and to stay away from social media, etc. Well, I’m all for doing my civic duty so here is a list of some of the books the Mad Genius Club have published. (Okay, I’ll […]

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On Writing and Promotion

I don’t know a single writer who wouldn’t rather write than promote. That is especially true in this day of the ever-changing publishing landscape. Indies, and even authors who sign with small presses, know that part of our job is to promote our work. What so many who are trying to break into the business don’t understand is that signing a contract with a major publisher doesn’t remove promotion from their job […]

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Tuesday morning thoughts

Today is my day over at Mad Genius Club. I’ll admit it. I climbed on my soapbox this morning after seeing an article about how a writer quit her day job weeks before her first book came out (she signed with a traditional publisher) and who now is faced with the harsh reality of bills needing to be paid. She now finds herself in the same situation so many writers are faced […]

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A snippet and a sale

Later this week, Slay Bells Ring, a romantic suspense novel written under the pen name Ellie Ferguson, will be released. I’ve posted a couple of snippets before but thought I would re-post them, especially since some changes (minor for the snippets) have been made. Now, for the usual reminder. This snippet, as with everything on the site, is mine and is copyright 2015.  I’d also like to remind everyone of the Indie Author […]

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(This is a repost of today’s Twisted Writers entry.) I remember when I was younger, there was a locally owned bookstore that I loved to frequent. The owners were always there. The employees knew the stock and could carry on an intelligent conversation about books. They knew the different genres and could make informed recommendations about what to read. After your first visit or two, when you returned, you would be greeted […]

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Weekend Promotion

I haven’t done a promotion for awhile, so I thought this weekend I would. The first books of each of my three series are available at discounted prices. If you like paranormal romance/suspense, urban fantasy/police procedural or military science fiction, there is something for you. Hunted (Hunter’s Moon Book 1) (Written under the pen name Ellie Ferguson) Free through Sunday When Meg Finley’s parents died, the authorities classified it as a double […]

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Pushing through and a few thoughts on “that” movie

That off-tune rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus you heard yesterday was probably coming from me. For the first time in much too long, I was able to write. I’m not talking putting a few words down on the page that would end up on the proverbial editing room floor. No, I managed to actually sit at the desk and write. Final output was close to 8,500 words by the time I shut […]

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